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Aqua & Nyhrox Throwback Cup - NA-West
Epic Games.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$10,000
Location & Dates
North America West
Event TypeOnline
Start Date2020-07-28
End Date2020-07-29
Aqua & Nyhrox Throwback Cup: NA-West is an online, region-locked tournament hosted by Epic Games, Aqua and Nyhrox.



Note: This tournament is region-locked and occurs over two rounds.

  • Round 1: July 28th, 2020
    • 1 heat with a 4 hour limit and 12 match limit.
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations.
    • Top 50 duos will advance to Round 2.
  • Round 2: July 29th, 2020 - August 12th (EU Only)
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations.

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Placement Points
Victory Royale 6
Reach Top 2 3
Reach Top 3 2
Reach Top 4 2
Reach Top 5 2
Reach Top 6 1
Reach Top 7 1
Reach Top 8 1
Reach Top 9 1
Reach Top 10 1
Reach Top 11 1
Reach Top 12 1
Reach Top 13 1
Reach Top 14 1
Reach Top 15 1
Reach Top 16 1
Reach Top 17 1
Reach Top 18 1
Reach Top 19 1
Reach Top 20 1
Reach Top 21 1
Reach Top 22 1
Reach Top 23 1
Reach Top 24 1
Reach Top 25 1
Eliminations 3

Prize Pool

PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1.png 1$3,500€3,18535%230Arkhram, wavyjacob
PlacementIcon2.png 2$1,650€1,501.5016.5%218jay, little
PlacementIcon3.png 3$1,000€91010%194maken, Kenshi
4$750€682.507.5%172Reet, EpikWhale
5$600€5466%167favs, temple
6$500€4555%163jayrosez, Mony
7$500€4555%155XTRA Gaminglogo std.pngXTRA GamingCaleb, verT
8$500€4555%155Falconer, Dog
9$500€4555%137Jelty, slick
10$500€4555%124Vayne, ThaiTanks
110%119Bumboy, zesty
120%115polish, Skillz eVe
130%114Frapai, andrew
140%109Mr Chris, felixfnn
150%107exe, Trashy
160%106Icy, Domo
170%80baackup, CinxZ
180%74Shallo, Sharp2k
190%72Brycee, defiable
200%71Swarm, Nani
210%66TRNL Gaminglogo std.pngTRNL GamingDBree, Lxdesman
220%65Dabzi, Herrions
230%64Baccuh, Khaoz
240%63Abates, kuuzii
250%60DarkzFPS, Salko
260%58Bambooxle, Pzuhs
270%565ftleo, Monkey Boo Bond
280%51bacca, blizy
290%44Harmful, Sergee
300%44Mechton, middi
310%43raze, Toomzyy
320%42Sensei, unverted
330%40Infinite, scionated
340%39Dee, zScary
350%39own, Otso
360%37Dev, keru
370%25CozyOzzie, CozyOzzie
380%25Kewl, Nuqlo
390%24gurzil, infTrippie
400%23kmarg, TubbyCrustard
410%19alithy, chris
420%18Adity, anzy
430%17Cap, Jucybtw
440%16slays, Faxuty
450%12jerimiyah, yung
460%10GuyAiden, guygoose
470%6kabuto, Kenton
480%5hoop, RichHomieQuinn
490%3Keyonz, Soowup
500%3closr, kloxic




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