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An update on the Power Rankings Teams
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Hello everyone!

After months of collecting feedback, we are ready to share with you what directions we will take on the Power Rankings Teams. Please understand that while we have decided what we want to do, we still have to implement it, and we currently don't have an ETA on launch; however, we will do our best to enable the new system by the start of next competitive season.

We apologize for making you wait so long; we know how important the Power Rankings Teams is and we hope that these changes will restore its relevance and value as it once was.

Let's now take a look at what's new

Limiting players to 4

We heard you loud and clear: the ability to have unlimited players represent a team is an issue. To combat this we will cap the number of active players at 4.

Representing a team in the rankings will be the top 4 players who contributed the most power ranking points while these were inside the team. If you remember the Squads system, this is equivalent to only counting Squad 1.

All players, regardless of whether they are top 4 on a team or not, will still continue to earn INDIVIDUAL power rankings points; however, only the top 4 players' points will be recorded for the team.

In case one or more players representing the team in the rankings leaves, they will be replaced in order by those behind who contributed the next most points.


If you have questions, please drop by our Discord server, and a member of our staff will answer it.

Published on 27. May 2022
Written by Kast2 / Twitter - @kast2_

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