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In some regions the distribution of power ranking points is slower, we ask for your patience in this regard. All players will receive their points before the start of the C2S8 competitive season.


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Contender Cash Cup Week 1 - NA-East
Epic Games.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$28,000
Location & Dates
North America East



  • 5 weeks of online tounaments (May 4, 2020 - May 28, 2020). There is 1 session played every Thursday.
    • Week 1: May 4
    • Week 2: May 7 (EU,NA,BR,ME) - May 12 (AS,OCE)
    • Week 3: May 14
    • Week 4: May 21
    • Week 5: May 28th

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Placement Points
Victory Royale 7
Reach Top 2 4
Reach Top 3 3
Reach Top 4 2
Reach Top 5 3
Reach Top 6 2
Reach Top 7 2
Reach Top 8 2
Reach Top 9 2
Reach Top 10 4
Reach Top 15 3
Reach Top 20 3
Reach Top 30 2
Reach Top 40 2
Eliminations 4

Prize Pool

PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1.png 1$2,700€2,4579.64%541Unknown, Khanada
PlacementIcon2.png 2$2,400€2,1848.57%384Av, chap
PlacementIcon3.png 3$2,000€1,8207.14%383Jamper, Avery
4$1,600€1,4565.71%359Commandment, Bizzle
5$1,400€1,2745%348Clix, Zexrow
6$1,300€1,1834.64%330Knight, RogueShark
7$1,200€1,0924.29%319Cloud, Edgey
8$1,100€1,0013.93%311keziix, blacky
9$1,000€9103.57%285tendy, Mirevz
10$900€8193.21%283Degen, Iciev
11$900€8193.21%283Deyy, Clouted
12$900€8193.21%282kell, LazarP
13$900€8193.21%280Nittle, clarityG
14$900€8193.21%277Klass, CarsonCBC
15$800€7282.86%276TrashyFN, Ferrrnando
16$800€7282.86%272notpandda, Rocaine
17$800€7282.86%266Whitehat, Threats
18$800€7282.86%265epwy, cryp
19$800€7282.86%263Apolloz, Doxy
20$800€7282.86%263Raze, Fray
21$800€7282.86%261Perplexii, Tragix
22$800€7282.86%258Scylix, Lupien
23$800€7282.86%257innocents, Assault
24$800€7282.86%255Bini, Hogman
25$800€7282.86%248dflo, duzan
260%245France, Vaghue
270%242Spartan, vad
280%239Stats, Physic
290%239Kawzmik, Edits
300%235NicFn Fan 271, Nyx
310%230Feature, rainypants3000
320%230Trevvii, Tilt
330%228Smallzy, CalC
340%227Nutex, Proof
350%224Ajay, HazThaGreat
360%223Buildz, BLURRY
370%223xYERRx, Vinny
380%220lyricen, Spud Lite
390%214Team Serenity.EUlogo std.pngTeam Serenity EURabid32, Michael
400%210Dxrant, TrapKilled
410%210Floki, Clement
420%206Bmo, fliqht
430%205kynx, DΕB
440%202nanolite, Smqcked
450%197Evolj, Pandush
460%194Buublesz, kyrha
470%194AirkNn, WiiPow
480%194Ozirvo, AJO
490%193Noah, ZinnOoh
500%192smylz, WagerWarrior92
510%189Laws, Cbass
520%188stena, Reyed
530%187chaotic, paper
540%184skqttles, origins
550%183Vanishlogo std.pngVanishClaw, Agro
560%183kolor, Sharkman
570%182malaroonie, Neon
580%180jin, moose
590%180ilerium, Archer2c
600%179Cid, Shaz
610%179Zui, Trentman
620%179Erick, Teaguey
630%178treaf, Sloth
640%177Sully0123456789, Beanzy
650%176Ball, Joe AW
660%174BlackChiggaa, zorq
670%174laflame, zSuper
680%173Llobeti4, JrgeQ
690%172deroller, leo2004
700%170Stormy, Spaghhh
710%169Crunchy, cakiepoo
720%169Golden9, coooper
730%168Deqzyy, SHAD0W
740%167Summr, Fyerd
750%166Lune, Vertices
760%164Heroic, Coldeh
770%163arshi, SoPointless
780%160AsianJeff, Trikarooniee
790%159Divine, Bottle
800%157L2UserOnlyBtw, Druk
810%156Qkent, Kurmay
820%155Tox, Rozynski
830%153ecoloking, muffin
840%152The Uzi, Punisher
850%150Exotifys, Reze
860%149Sway, illest
870%149Xcrimpo, loupee
880%149Alphan, Rasney
890%148Poggers I SpamL2, Dmur
900%146Kiko, Deside16
910%145Unknown, crrbs
920%144Mull, Vetta
930%143noodle sauce, Sethlyyy
940%142MasG, BryGuy1x
950%142Luhx, husharoonie
960%142Goku, zero
970%137Team Serenity.EUlogo std.pngTeam Serenity EUhardfind, AstroSMZ
980%133corbyn, Sure
990%132Owl, Bugha
1000%132Thresh, Arab




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