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Power Rankings of Brazil and Oceania are not yet updated to the last season, we are doing our best to update them before the start of the new competitive season. Please be patient.


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Contender Cash Cup Week 4 - NA-West
Epic Games.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$10,000
Location & Dates
North America West



  • 5 weeks of online tounaments (May 4, 2020 - May 28, 2020). There is 1 session played every Thursday.
    • Week 1: May 4
    • Week 2: May 7 (EU,NA,BR,ME) - May 12 (AS,OCE)
    • Week 3: May 14
    • Week 4: May 21
    • Week 5: May 28th

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Placement Points
Victory Royale 7
Reach Top 2 4
Reach Top 3 3
Reach Top 4 2
Reach Top 5 3
Reach Top 6 2
Reach Top 7 2
Reach Top 8 2
Reach Top 9 2
Reach Top 10 4
Reach Top 15 3
Reach Top 20 3
Reach Top 30 2
Reach Top 40 2
Eliminations 4

Prize Pool

PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1.png 1$2,500€2,27525%437awwity, Unsightly
PlacementIcon2.png 2$2,200€2,00222%396Arkhram, Cented
PlacementIcon3.png 3$1,900€1,72919%366Thomuss, wavyjacob
4$1,800€1,63818%359Bumboy, TurtleTavern
5$1,600€1,45616%341slays, 4DRStorm
60%328hyper, rift
70%319vayne, Harmful
80%319XTRA Gaminglogo std.pngXTRA Gamingcaleb, verT
90%313Extinct, prodigy
100%311slick, Jelty
110%309Icy, DaGoatGopher
120%304symetrical, maken
130%299Dementia, Syzz
140%297rehx, EpikWhale
150%295Reet, Tye
160%294chicken, mechton
170%289Toys, Savceh
180%286Melody, Predator
190%278Av, chap
200%276Acorn, jahq
210%273zesty, temple
220%270exe, FJAA
230%260optimal, Falconer
240%258Razzor, jusripp
250%257WateryShoe, Infurex
260%253defiable, EVe
270%243Changinqs, TuTuLuvLQ
280%243Milks, oReqqy
290%237Major, hanson
300%228kovaaks, Izo
310%227baackup, spideyy
320%227Orca, zobhi
330%223SenderSzn, Pain
340%222Vinte, Eskirt
350%222Evasion, acy
360%221Corseu, nkook
370%220Lxdesman, DBree
380%216Snake, epwy
390%216DkChristian, Skate
400%213Kuhvn, Silent
410%212Grenades, Siwa
420%209lmao, toff
430%208menace, clayton
440%208bluzro, Punisher
450%206g0dku, Triggy
460%205zehlo, lobz
470%200Vanishlogo std.pngVanishClaw, Agro
480%198Bucktee, Death
490%198Pich, Crios
500%196stohkd, snacky
510%196Taylorr1k, where rr you
520%193innocents, Scoped
530%192dade, Mony
540%191Kiox, Claritys
550%191CrackedNL, Cryp
560%189Chase, Lunch
570%189Cotonette, Prefix
580%184pump, out my zone
590%183boogie, net cloud
600%180gueebo, Boat T. EJ
610%178Draxz, Alclash
620%175Rage, VXNC3NT
630%174F3AR MY SK1LL, The Uzi
640%173solosuck, smowkeys
650%171Spar, vadizy
660%170lilam, choy
670%170jiggy, zastruh
680%167babyturtle762, feared
690%166Woz, Apzy
700%166lexic, Howdy
710%165Yoshi, Nasty
720%163ghouls, Kitser
730%160Avecs, Jaden
740%158Don, Zlats
750%1572EzY, FrostyJays
760%157nuggets, chubbyavocado1
770%156Dubby, Cesar
780%155Driz, Que
790%153dewmanCooing1084, hazziewazzy123
800%153exars, polish
810%152Fzlcon, LEGLESS
820%151XpeR, Shay
830%149Burbuja, Kaze
840%148ジェリミヤ, Zxri
850%148RichHomieQuinn, barl
860%147Alexx, Lucas
870%145Self Promote, Sleezy
880%145synrs, ItsShomp
890%145Ozirvo, Braedxn
900%143AntiJayy, hardz
910%139Xetiq, TricksWtf
920%139Dragon, kam mom
930%139France, Tiki
940%137beck, Gvcci
950%136Rex, Jakey
960%136Huhkz, GotMiniz
970%135soe, ryde
980%132zyph, Blayde
990%132index, milksfn
1000%132Zurkes, jiggy




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