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Power Rankings of Brazil and Oceania are not yet updated to the last season, we are doing our best to update them before the start of the new competitive season. Please be patient.


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Contender Cash Cup Week 5 - NA-West
Epic Games.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$10,000
Location & Dates
North America West



  • 5 weeks of online tounaments (May 4, 2020 - May 28, 2020). There is 1 session played every Thursday.
    • Week 1: May 4
    • Week 2: May 7 (EU,NA,BR,ME) - May 12 (AS,OCE)
    • Week 3: May 14
    • Week 4: May 21
    • Week 5: May 28th

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Placement Points
Victory Royale 7
Reach Top 2 4
Reach Top 3 3
Reach Top 4 2
Reach Top 5 3
Reach Top 6 2
Reach Top 7 2
Reach Top 8 2
Reach Top 9 2
Reach Top 10 4
Reach Top 15 3
Reach Top 20 3
Reach Top 30 2
Reach Top 40 2
Eliminations 4

Prize Pool

PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1.png 1$2,500€2,27525%482Thomuss, wavyjacob
PlacementIcon2.png 2$2,200€2,00222%375hyper, rift
PlacementIcon3.png 3$1,900€1,72919%343trashy, Pearl
4$1,800€1,63818%311Slick, Jelty
5$1,600€1,45616%308Frapai, Kehnys
60%302Reet, Riversan
70%298vayne, Harmful
80%288illusion, mitoo
90%288symetrical, 4DRStorm
100%285TurtleTavern, Bumboy
110%279Stormic, dylannx
120%276Krypticz, fluffydolphin942
130%269donks, Vetta
140%269kreo, bucke
150%268mista xenon, Wizz
160%267buzzo, Dog
170%266Mateo, Tautai
180%261Lxdesman, DBree
190%257Arkhram, Cented
200%255favs, optimal
210%241Apzy, Barr
220%240Kn1pher, Foppe
230%239Bugzvii, Agholor
240%238beastfn, Wheels
250%238Icy, Kytrex
260%235Squishy, Miggles
270%235Alexx, Lucas
280%234Tiki, France
290%231nounzy, Justice
300%230qwonder, bobby brandon
310%224SuperHalcon, aguado
320%224Nach, Middi
330%222rehx, EpikWhale
340%220XTRA Gaminglogo std.pngXTRA Gamingcaleb, verT
350%218jayrosez, chris
360%217lyricen, Perplexii
370%215Kix, Balmes
380%213Oblixxn, kaboo
390%212parur, Ganzo
400%212arc, tobey
410%208zehlo, lobz
420%206lagy, Evasion
430%203Joji, Paradox
440%202muffinz4k, CKay
450%198Criizux, jow
460%198Fresht, Deadshot
470%197spideyy, nate
480%197g0dku, Triggy
490%194Union, Beqome
500%194reed, Chameleon
510%193squish, CrazyGGs
520%191Quack, DkChristian
530%190Jermo, iJugg
540%190Nak, Katto
550%187Switch 2 Ps4 BOT, smalls
560%187och0, THE1STRP
570%187Team Damaged Soulslogo std.pngTeam Damaged SoulsIcyFusion, ivide
580%186versace, MooseGGs
590%183Lollicker, Poffiee
600%182rez, Vertic
610%182Melotto, ClayxSD
620%181little, Jay
630%181zesty, awwity
640%181temple, Powur
650%178Spx, Sho
660%178Solou, Polou
670%176impact, Turtle
680%176Flash, kryptic
690%176Outcast Regionlogo std.pngOutcast RegionPrien, SpiroK
700%173DuhVera, Gundeals
710%172Osp, problem
720%171Keys, Blakeps
730%169maxTL, Kenshi
740%169Jay, abean
750%167tay-k jr, twunkers
760%166Akau, Bryan
770%165Whiggy, Rus
780%165Biqsy, Klyde
790%158fleshbanana653, Yxng
800%157Qxed, Trizle
810%156Acree, FineRuski
820%154Verty, 1Papo
830%154Tony, Cesars
840%151OctoL2ber, Dmur
850%149Aggro.NAlogo std.pngAggro NAGgeez, Venor
860%148Rage, Vinny
870%148alfie, ikerr
880%147synxufy, Xetiq
890%146Gaabbles, Jadon
900%143genshin, Drizzer
910%143Lozu, Silver
920%139Chickenrr, Brkingod
930%138yasir, blaine
940%136TrueBrew, Boof
950%134Oracle, drew
960%133bacca, fruit
970%133Heisen, Sensei
980%133Plasma, Messys
990%129Ozirvo, Braedxn
1000%127Tezh, Kai




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