DreamHack Open/January Edition/North America West

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DreamHack Open January - NA West
Tournament Information
Prize Pool$34,850
Location & Dates
North America West
Event TypeOnline



  • Stage One: The first stage is open for everyone to sign up and the best 250 duos of each heat advance to stage 2.

We have two different heats: one and two. The heat one will be played on Friday at 17.00 (5PM) and the heat two will be played on Saturday at 21.00 (9PM). A player can sign up for all of these two heats. You can play up to ten (10) matches in each heat and the best 250 duos will advance from each heat. Once you have advanced you may not play additional heats in stage 1.

  • Stage Two: Stage 2 will advance 100 players to the Grand Final.

You can play up to ten (10) matches and the best 100 players will advance.

  • Stage Three: 100 players in a eight (8) game series with small breaks in between each game.

Explanatory picture:

Format DHOpen.png

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 60
Reach Top 2 53
Reach Top 3 49
Reach Top 4 47
Reach Top 5 46
Reach Top 6 45
... +1
Reach top 49 2
Reach top 50 1

=== Results ===

PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1.png 1$6,500$5,33018.65%380favs, Wavyjacob
PlacementIcon2.png 2$4,000$3,28011.48%377Deyy, Khanada
PlacementIcon3.png 3$2,950$2,4198.46%362rehx, EpikWhale
4$2,300$1,8866.6%347exe, BeckTHD
5$1,900$1,5585.45%309Criizux, Jelty
6$1,500$1,2304.3%300Degеn, Ajerss
7$1,250$1,0253.59%288Equitz, Squish
8$1,050$8613.01%286Jahter, Foreswear
9$875$717.502.51%269Trap, GoodGuyNani
10$775$635.502.22%265Jagveer, Solution
11$600$4921.72%265Cented, 4DRStorm
12$600$4921.72%261Kenshi, Temple
13$600$4921.72%235Slackes, Illest
14$600$4921.72%224Byto1x, phаntom
15$600$4921.72%211Glace, TrashyFN
16$500$4101.43%206Riversan, Edgey
17$500$4101.43%205Coop, Pxlarized
18$500$4101.43%188ChickenItza, VAD BISH ANDYCR7
19$500$4101.43%184Justice, Punisher
20$500$4101.43%178Chicken, Mechton
21$450$3691.29%166jayrosez, Mero
22$450$3691.29%160Hyper, Kloxic
23$450$3691.29%154symetrical, Nitrix
24$450$3691.29%152Zorbzy, Union
25$450$3691.29%151Voil, Rocaine
26$400$3281.15%1505G Gaminglogo std.png5G GamingIllusion, mitoo
27$400$3281.15%139Slays, Snacky
28$400$3281.15%139Gabe, Klass
29$400$3281.15%136Dog, Zinqxz
30$400$3281.15%136SEBBY, XnB
31$400$3281.15%135Mony, verT
32$400$3281.15%133Adonіs, Scar
33$400$3281.15%124Рrеdator, Real Fighter
34$400$3281.15%121leech, unsightly
35$400$3281.15%120Kjrop, Nеon
360%118Ved, Pliir
370%113Keto, Xetiq
380%110PaMstou, Artsy
390%93Lxdesman, Reguletor
400%90kleenex, vеhх
410%88Kicks, Revised
420%87Evil Geniuseslogo std.pngEvil GeniusesDev, keru
430%85fliick, amba
440%74Strife, Curix
450%60kаri, sсatt
460%59Ceice, Alliege
470%49Chase, Lunch
480%46Paul, kydo
490%29onahfps, zyalss
500%25Tanman, Brisss


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