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Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 3 Season 1 - Week 2
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Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$34,100
LinksFortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 3 Season 1 - Week 2 is the second Duos Cash Cup hosted in Europe for Chapter 3 Season 1.



  • Round 2: January 20th, 2022
    • 3 hour limit & 6 match limit
    • Players will earn points based on the scoring system

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 32
Reach Top 2 28
Reach Top 3 26
Reach Top 4 24
Reach Top 5 23
Reach Top 6 22
Reach Top 7 21
Reach Top 8 20
Reach Top 9 19
Reach Top 10 18
Reach Top 11 17
Reach Top 12 16
Reach Top 13 15
Reach Top 14 14
Reach Top 15 13
Reach Top 16 12
Reach Top 17 11
Reach Top 18 10
Reach Top 19 9
Reach Top 20 8
Reach Top 21 7
Reach Top 22 6
Reach Top 23 5
Reach Top 24 4
Reach Top 25 3
Reach Top 26 2
Reach Top 27 2
Reach Top 28 2
Reach Top 29 2
Reach Top 30 2
Reach Top 31 1
Reach Top 32 1
Reach Top 33 1
Reach Top 34 1
Reach Top 35 1
Each Elimination 3
  • Match Cap At 6.

Prize Pool

  • $ 34,100 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:
PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1.png 1$2,500€2,2007.33%183Mousesportslogo std.pngMousesports, LootBoy Esportslogo std.pngLootBoy EsportsStompy, Aqua
PlacementIcon2.png 2$1,800€1,5845.28%171JoeFN, TomzyV1
PlacementIcon3.png 3$1,700€1,4964.99%171N/A, Falcons Esportlogo std.pngFalcons Esport.EUBubak, Chapix
4$1,600€1,4084.69%170N/A, TT9logo std.pngTT9Merstach, Malibuca
5$1,500€1,3204.4%167Solarylogo std.pngSolary, Solarylogo std.pngSolaryFloki, Clement
6$1,400€1,2324.11%156TheCartel Esportslogo std.pngTheCartel Esports, GamersOriginlogo std.pngGamersOriginK1nzell, Decyptos
7$1,300€1,1443.81%154Guild Esportslogo std.pngGuild Esports, N/AHen, Queasy
8$1,200€1,0563.52%154Wave Esportslogo std.pngWave Esports, Guild Esportslogo std.pngGuild EsportsVadeal, Rezon ay
9$1,100€9683.23%151Falcons Esportlogo std.pngFalcons Esport.EU, Astralislogo std.pngAstralisTaySon, Th0masHD
10$1,000€8802.93%138RELLVIS, Crusti
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11$800€7042.35%137TruleX, Chico
12$800€7042.35%125Kayn, CruelK
13$800€7042.35%121N/A, Galaxy Racer Esportslogo std.pngGalaxy RacerKami, Teeq
14$800€7042.35%120N/A, TT9logo std.pngTT9Fastroki ло, Kylie
15$800€7042.35%106Team MCESlogo std.pngTeam MCES, Team MCESlogo std.pngTeam MCESDKS, BadSniper
16$700€6162.05%104Team Diveslogo std.pngTeam Dives, MYinsanitylogo std.pngmYinsanityTypo, Cosmo
17$700€6162.05%104Team Hmblelogo std.pngTeam Hmble, Samsung MorningStarslogo std.pngSamsung Morning StarsAlexcod, Piz
18$700€6162.05%96Team Vitalitylogo std.pngTeam Vitality, N/ANikof, EMXXRR
19$700€6162.05%92Gambit Esportslogo std.pngGambit Esports, Cyber Legacylogo std.pngCyber LegacyToose, Рutrick
20$700€6162.05%89Team Hereticslogo std.pngTeam Heretics, N/ANakoo, DaaN
21$650€5721.91%89Optimum Esportlogo std.pngOptimum Esport, ECV Esportslogo std.pngECV EsportsRifty, Flodax
22$650€5721.91%84ESpumalogo std.pngespuma, N/AP0ul, Zroqz
23$650€5721.91%81Limit Esportslogo std.pngLimit Esports, N/ANiivzy, Yokid
24$650€5721.91%77Wraxx, Miro
25$650€5721.91%74Different eSportslogo std.pngDifferent Esports, Different eSportslogo std.pngDifferent EsportsHD, Master
26$600€5281.76%74Halfdumb, Jenks
27$600€5281.76%69PWRlogo std.pngPWR Europe, Gamma Gaminglogo std.pngGamma GamingSaevid, Merijn
28$600€5281.76%66QLASHlogo std.pngQLASH Spain, Gladiator Gaminglogo std.pngGladiatorCr4zy, RAFALILLO
29$600€5281.76%63Apekslogo std.pngApeks, Bifrostlogo std.pngBifrost AcademyKrizzii, Pollyy
30$600€5281.76%60Payna, Sinan
31$550€4841.61%58N/A, VCTRY Esportslogo std.pngVCTRY Esports AcademyFusionz, Slimey
32$550€4841.61%56N/A, Glorious Esportlogo std.pngGlorious EsportZeyd, Avenzz
33$550€4841.61%56N/A, Playwell Esportlogo std.pngPlaywellAdn, Styrsix
34$550€4841.61%51Syrus Esportslogo std.pngSyrus Esports, ARTIC eSportslogo std.pngARTIC eSportsGilljus, Nipsy
35$550€4841.61%49Ewik, Lwke
36$500€4401.47%45Syrus Esportslogo std.pngSyrus Esports, N/AMiggz, Pixie
37$500€4401.47%42N/A, Etajima ALBA E-sportslogo std.pngALBA E-sports EuropeXenolith, Swillium
38$500€4401.47%40Team Swyzzlogo std.pngTeam Swyzz, N/AKlukvajan, Mertx
39$500€4401.47%34Paradise Gaminglogo std.pngParadise Gaming, N/AKaydFN, Kaidon
40$500€4401.47%31Filips, Norxy
410%29N/A, InTenZivelogo std.pngInTenZiveScarz, Syaaaz
420%29N/A, Sked Esportlogo std.pngSked EsportJohku, Deny
430%25FLY2 eSportslogo std.pngFLY2 eSports, FLY2 eSportslogo std.pngFLY2 eSportsKynter, Manufn
440%24Lunatic Gaminglogo std.pngLunatic Gaming, Lunatic Gaminglogo std.pngLunatic GamingAugis, BiGBOYŠhReK
450%22Playwell Esportlogo std.pngPlaywell, Wave Esportslogo std.pngWave Esports AcademyVetle, Scriwy
460%21N/A, Fusion eSportslogo std.pngFusion eSports EuropeKiryache32, Stormyrite
470%17FLY2 eSportslogo std.pngFLY2 eSports, FLY2 eSportslogo std.pngFLY2 eSportsXZeile, Netrxxx
480%13Irg Teamlogo std.pngIrg Team, N/AAkram, Swezіe
490%13Legionlogo std.pngLegion Europe, N/AGEDZ, Hizixx
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