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Duos Cash Cup: Session 5 Round 2
Epic Games
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$9,900
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Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 4 Season 4 - Session 5 is the fifth Duos Cash Cup Final hosted in Asia for the Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 4 Season 4.



  • Round 2 : October 7th, 2023
    • 3 hour limit & 6 match limit
    • Players will earn points based on the scoring system

Points Breakdown - Round 2

Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 9
Reach Top 2 5
Reach Top 3 4
Reach Top 4 4
Reach Top 5 4
Reach Top 6 2
Reach Top 7 2
Reach Top 8 1
Reach Top 9 2
Reach Top 10 2
Reach Top 11 2
Reach Top 12 2
Reach Top 13 2
Reach Top 14 2
Reach Top 15 2
Reach Top 16 2
Reach Top 17 2
Reach Top 18 2
Reach Top 19 2
Reach Top 20 2
Reach Top 21 2
Reach Top 22 2
Reach Top 23 2
Reach Top 24 2
Reach Top 25 2
Each Elimination 4
Loot Island 15
Loot Vault 3
  • Match Cap At 6.

Prize Pool

  • $ 9,900 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:
PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1 1$500€4805.05%367AJS Fortnitelogo stdAJS Fortnite, Etajima ALBA E-sportslogo stdALBA E-sportsRime, Zerokun
PlacementIcon2 2$500€4805.05%343KIT Gaminglogo stdKIT Gaming, A2logo stdA2XMipoli, Koyota
PlacementIcon3 3$500€4805.05%295DetonatioN FocusMelogo stdDetonatioN FocusMe, DetonatioN FocusMelogo stdDetonatioN FocusMeDFM Rаiny, Buyuriru
4$300€2883.03%291Team Naturelogo stdTeam Nature, AJS Fortnitelogo stdAJS FortniteRuss, Shelom
5$300€2883.03%280Etajima ALBA E-sportslogo stdALBA E-sports, Ultimate Warriorslogo stdUltimate WarriorsYuma, Jaemon
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6$300€2883.03%243N/A, A2logo stdA2Ria, FuuKun
7$300€2883.03%242Crazy Raccoonlogo stdCrazy Raccoon, AJS Fortnitelogo stdAJS FortniteRuna, LODSTK
8$300€2883.03%230AJS Fortnitelogo stdAJS Fortnite, AJS Fortnitelogo stdAJS FortniteBoby, Larkpex
9$300€2883.03%229N/A, Absolute Firstlogo stdAbsolute FirstFishs, Razlwkey
10$300€2883.03%214Team Naturelogo stdTeam Nature, Crazy Raccoonlogo stdCrazy RaccoonTayler, Alice
11$200€1922.02%203Etajima ALBA E-sportslogo stdALBA E-sports, Logo stdIGNITE ClanToraa, Soufini
12$200€1922.02%202AJS Fortnitelogo stdAJS Fortnite, AJS Fortnitelogo stdAJS FortniteJaax, Roru
13$200€1922.02%184N/A, AJS Fortnitelogo stdAJS FortniteHIGHGROUNDKIŃG64, Miyagura
14$200€1922.02%184Cart, 7Friction
15$200€1922.02%179AJS Fortnitelogo stdAJS Fortnite, AJS Fortnitelogo stdAJS FortniteStainZ, Daydus
16$200€1922.02%178L1ly1x, Ne
17$200€1922.02%173ZETA DIVISIONlogo stdZETA DIVISION, WIZARD ESPORTSlogo stdWIZARDZETA Zagou, Merem
18$200€1922.02%172DELTA esportslogo stdDELTA esports, N/AMainlyox, Meary
19$200€1922.02%152N/A, AJS Fortnitelogo stdAJS FortniteAJS ALBA むーこにっくت, Pariaru
20$200€1922.02%144LF2 Deep iwnl, じゃがっとじゃがじゃがりょう
21$200€1922.02%134Mirage Esportslogo stdMirage, Lynx Esportslogo stdLYNX EsportsGz ぜつぼー, LYNX vitaminsuu
22$200€1922.02%120N/A, Liberta Buildinglogo stdLiberta BuildingLYNX Miyabi, Maluuu
23$200€1922.02%120Nova Yaji, Hamu
24$200€1922.02%118ZETA DIVISIONlogo stdZETA DIVISION, DetonatioN FocusMelogo stdDetonatioN FocusMeMinipiyo, Aim
25$200€1922.02%104Radik, halcyon exe
26$200€1922.02%98Goff, 山下美月は天使
27$200€1922.02%96弱くてすみません下手ですみません, 違反player
28$200€1922.02%96DetonatioN FocusMelogo stdDetonatioN FocusMe, N/AChocoluv, 編集障害じゃがりん
29$200€1922.02%94Noel えりむだあああ, 1D fanboy ImDark
30$200€1922.02%94NEXUS CLANlogo stdNEXUS CLAN, CREST Gaminglogo stdCREST GamingPony, Chiffon
31$200€1922.02%91savior ash, ATL Blasting2.0
32$200€1922.02%88N/A, AJS Fortnitelogo stdAJS FortniteUW しゅんてゃん 7, Rupapad
33$200€1922.02%80AC すぬっぱい, Vertex 黒い死神
34$200€1922.02%67AJS Fortnitelogo stdAJS Fortnite, N/APhazma, A1st
35$200€1922.02%65Pulverexlogo stdPulverex, N/ARaru, GTEdog
36$200€1922.02%58wish xiesta-α-, Wish LazyANfn x
37$200€1922.02%58YonaAyu, のたむちーな
38$200€1922.02%58SCC ばなお, FPG あいらいと ت
39$200€1922.02%56HazyOoh, Sp1ker32
40$200€1922.02%56べすとぷれいやー, ハイドだけはやめてくれ
410%52Quaaaaa, Blue P2 とら
420%40絶対的なカリスマママ友, SNTUK
430%38Secret champion, ZORN 김채원
440%38Ïłł favsSunflowe, LiquANA2U
450%30あまおうちゃんろる, Badb0dyx
460%24Chenling, George
470%12Monaсo. Veno, ゆうせい君二
480%8Logo stdDiva Esports, Etajima ALBA E-sportslogo stdALBA E-sports1lddy, Tiarr
490%4kitoz 7 神之子, Gsr swizzyǃ
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