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Duos Cash Cup: Session 6 Round 2
Epic Games
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$9,900
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Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 4 Season 4 - Session 6 is the sixth Duos Cash Cup Final hosted in Brazil for the Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 4 Season 4.



  • Round 2 : October 21st, 2023
    • 3 hour limit & 6 match limit
    • Players will earn points based on the scoring system

Points Breakdown - Round 2

Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 9
Reach Top 2 5
Reach Top 3 4
Reach Top 4 4
Reach Top 5 4
Reach Top 6 2
Reach Top 7 2
Reach Top 8 1
Reach Top 9 2
Reach Top 10 2
Reach Top 11 2
Reach Top 12 2
Reach Top 13 2
Reach Top 14 2
Reach Top 15 2
Reach Top 16 2
Reach Top 17 2
Reach Top 18 2
Reach Top 19 2
Reach Top 20 2
Reach Top 21 2
Reach Top 22 2
Reach Top 23 2
Reach Top 24 2
Reach Top 25 2
Each Elimination 4
Loot Island 15
Loot Vault 3
  • Match Cap At 6.

Prize Pool

  • $ 9,900 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:
PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1 1$500€4805.05%317Fishy, Riquelmee
PlacementIcon2 2$500€4805.05%309Mojak, TheFeloz
PlacementIcon3 3$500€4805.05%286KaykyGames, Insano
4$300€2883.03%2791st leozin, BRABOX
5$300€2883.03%270Team Prodigylogo stdProdigy, N/ABuster, GZNN
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6$300€2883.03%234T6 ESPORTSlogo stdT6 ESPORTS, HARDz Esportslogo stdHARDz Esports916Gon, Henri
7$300€2883.03%207Frosty, Talls
8$300€2883.03%204Northern Star Gaming.BRlogo stdNorthern Star Gaming.BR, N/AStryker, Lukkke
9$300€2883.03%202Mystic Esports.BRlogo stdMystic Esports.BR, N/AGSX, Magni
10$300€2883.03%201N/A, T6 ESPORTSlogo stdT6 ESPORTSKBR, Pingu
11$200€1922.02%200LuLuzito, Strendd
12$200€1922.02%191F4TALITY eSportslogo stdF4TALITY eSports, F4TALITY eSportslogo stdF4TALITY eSportsIzuki, Night
13$200€1922.02%184Strikessj, Lordу
14$200€1922.02%177Lauta 7, Dediez
15$200€1922.02%174Mystic Esports.BRlogo stdMystic Esports.BR, N/AGxT, LORD
16$200€1922.02%166Tecne, Fazer
17$200€1922.02%165Monaco eSports.BRlogo stdMonaco eSports.BR, Hero Baselogo stdHero BaseEdson, Phzin
18$200€1922.02%157Letz, 1nickzrr
19$200€1922.02%146N/A, HarD Gaming Prologo stdHarD Gaming ProFrаns, Bagu
20$200€1922.02%142Caiodeal, Link
21$200€1922.02%136Magia Jr, Jayagu
22$200€1922.02%132Benado, Nathes
23$200€1922.02%124O Suetam, Jxness7
24$200€1922.02%113Nikti, NozzeyFN
25$200€1922.02%112Kurtz, Seeyun
26$200€1922.02%106W4k, Albu
27$200€1922.02%106Texzada, Scarpa
28$200€1922.02%106Rustyk, ay vxleen7
29$200€1922.02%105N/A, T6 ESPORTSlogo stdT6 ESPORTSPuzera, Grx
30$200€1922.02%100Magic Squad Gaminglogo stdMagic Squad Gaming, N/AKchorro, SouuThYzin
31$200€1922.02%100Itrol, Romero
32$200€1922.02%93F4TALITY eSportslogo stdF4TALITY eSports, N/ASnohxx, Nov1ce
33$200€1922.02%88Mystic Esports.BRlogo stdMystic Esports.BR, N/AJxao1x, Mv
34$200€1922.02%83Stellar Synergylogo stdStellar Synergy, HarD Gaming Prologo stdHarD Gaming ProN3wghoost, Kadu angolanost
35$200€1922.02%82Kwami, Goаt kid
36$200€1922.02%78Mvxrr, Vazquez
37$200€1922.02%76HarD Gaming Prologo stdHarD Gaming Pro, N/ABryxn62Hz, Nxndolol
38$200€1922.02%76Guga 98, Germano
39$200€1922.02%72T6 ESPORTSlogo stdT6 ESPORTS, Team Southlogo stdTeam SouthParkyn, Jorgeovich
40$200€1922.02%67Monaco eSports.BRlogo stdMonaco eSports.BR, N/AGabzera, KING
410%64XAmito, BATMAN9BR
420%40Z5, ViGuiLa7
430%40Barella, TWITTER keanfvn
440%40Theux, Jacques
450%34Lipe rubert, Daniel james XXI
460%28made in oz., userzen1
470%28Jao, rezet ム
480%24Swayz, sweet ackerman
490%22Nh0uLHD, 21 Tatinocho
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