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Duos Cash Cup: Session 1 Round 2
Epic Games
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$3,300
LinksFortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
Middle East
Event TypeOnline
Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 5 Season 1 - Session 1 is the first Duos Cash Cup Final hosted in Middle East for the Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 5 Season 1.



  • Round 2 : December 9th, 2023
    • 3 hour limit & 6 match limit
    • Players will earn points based on the scoring system

Points Breakdown - Round 2

Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 65
Reach Top 2 56
Reach Top 3 52
Reach Top 4 48
Reach Top 5 44
Reach Top 6 40
Reach Top 7 38
Reach Top 8 36
Reach Top 9 34
Reach Top 10 32
Reach Top 11 30
Reach Top 12 28
Reach Top 13 26
Reach Top 14 24
Reach Top 15 22
Reach Top 16 20
Reach Top 17 18
Reach Top 18 16
Reach Top 19 14
Reach Top 20 12
Reach Top 21 10
Reach Top 22 8
Reach Top 23 6
Reach Top 24 4
Reach Top 25 2
Each Elimination 4
Loot Island 15
Weather Tower 3
  • Match Cap At 6.

Prize Pool

  • $ 3,300 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:
PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1 1$550€52816.67%371Team Oryxlogo stdOryx, Twisted Mindslogo stdTwisted Minds5aald, Hero
PlacementIcon2 2$500€48015.15%336Bravado Gaminglogo stdBravado Gaming, Vision Esportslogo stdVision EsportsNachiiri, Escdark
PlacementIcon3 3$450€43213.64%298Falcons Esportlogo stdFalcons Esport, Vision Esportslogo stdVision EsportsNM7, Mansour
4$350€33610.61%260Twisted Mindslogo stdTwisted Minds, Twisted Mindslogo stdTwisted MindsPhantom, Kai
5$300€2889.09%242Team Oryxlogo stdOryx, Twisted Mindslogo stdTwisted MindsHellonsteam, Rapit
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6$250€2407.58%235Henchman, Asta
7$250€2407.58%228Team Oryxlogo stdOryx, N/ARampage, DEAD BY MODA
8$250€2407.58%218Team Oryxlogo stdOryx, Scytes Esportslogo stdScytes EsportsLardl, Rvvry
9$200€1926.06%211N/A, Warriors Esportlogo stdWarriorsKalgamer710, 7man
10$200€1926.06%202Ro7Fn, BarQ
110%194Fn3bood, I3z93
120%184Abodilex, sсotсh
130%178Team Strikelogo stdTeam Strike, N/APexity, Miloreyli
140%172Linx, DNA
150%170Falcons Esportlogo stdFalcons Esport, Falcons Esportlogo stdFalcons EsportFHD, Yonx
160%164AT sohib, PsFN
170%154Twisted Mindslogo stdTwisted Minds, N/AFAIЅAL, Wqzzi
180%151Triple Esports Clublogo stdTriple Esports Club, Glory Esportslogo stdGlory EsportsFHD, Smiky
190%142Snowvaks, Bd
200%135Joseph1x, Devy9x
210%134Falcons Esportlogo stdFalcons Esport, Twisted Mindslogo stdTwisted MindsSpy, Arrow
220%125TheUltimates eSports Middle Eastlogo stdTheUltimates.ME, Bravado Gaminglogo stdBravado GamingAdapter, FKS
230%121Fanboy Jin., JinUK.
240%111Team Oryxlogo stdOryx, Glory Esportslogo stdGlory EsportsS3D, JKReet
250%98Rino, Twitter Blukfv
260%96Glory Esportslogo stdGlory Esports, N/AVRG, Ray
270%95AbodFN, Mjr
280%94nayznn, i clipped nayzn
290%92Le8uez, Махimum
300%92Twisted Mindslogo stdTwisted Minds, N/AQnDx, ABUFAL7
310%82Twis Saif, Ripper Saif
320%80N/A, Warriors Esportlogo stdWarriors7man, Plueу
330%70NJR, Raizoo ǃ
340%608wwy, Vampire
350%60Waqas.iwnl, Aespa fan.
360%60FUNNYNAGASAKI 45, dino is a goat.
370%54RKNPARS, A7madx
380%52Kayser 52, Nbx bää
390%48camareroL2R2, KaјsUR
400%46Suso, rеtirеd рrо 2 Σ
410%44Glory Esportslogo stdGlory Esports, N/ANaiif, I7qme
420%33Zeyad, Rovl
430%8KaKaRoT, Metab
440%4Agara09x, 0 SLAY
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