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Duos Cash Cup: Session 1 Round 2
Epic Games
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$27,400
LinksFortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
North America Central
Event TypeOnline
Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 5 Season 2 - Session 1 is the first Duos Cash Cup Final hosted in North America Central for the Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 5 Season 2.



  • Round 2 : March 24th, 2024
    • 3 hour limit & 6 match limit
    • Players will earn points based on the scoring system

Points Breakdown - Round 2

Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 65
Reach Top 2 56
Reach Top 3 52
Reach Top 4 48
Reach Top 5 44
Reach Top 6 40
Reach Top 7 38
Reach Top 8 36
Reach Top 9 34
Reach Top 10 32
Reach Top 11 30
Reach Top 12 28
Reach Top 13 26
Reach Top 14 24
Reach Top 15 22
Reach Top 16 20
Reach Top 17 18
Reach Top 18 16
Reach Top 19 14
Reach Top 20 12
Reach Top 21 10
Reach Top 22 8
Reach Top 23 6
Reach Top 24 4
Reach Top 25 2
Each Elimination 4
  • Match Cap At 6.

Prize Pool

  • $ 27,400 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:
PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1 1$3,200€3,07211.68%406Agent Gaming.NAlogo stdAgent Gaming.NA, N/APeterbot, Pollo
PlacementIcon2 2$2,500€2,4009.12%370Dignitaslogo stdDignitas, N/ADukez, Noxy
PlacementIcon3 3$2,000€1,9207.3%316Dignitaslogo stdDignitas, Dignitaslogo stdDignitasKhanada, Cooper
4$1,750€1,6806.39%313N/A, Agent Gaming.NAlogo stdAgent Gaming.NAritual, Reet
5$1,500€1,4405.47%299Manchester City Esports.NAlogo stdManchester City Esports.NA, N/AThreats, Sphinx
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6$1,000€9603.65%292N/A, Stride Esportslogo stdStride EsportsDeRoller, Crackly
7$750€7202.74%218Elite Esportslogo stdElite Esports, N/AEomzo, Rise
8$700€6722.55%2042AM Esportslogo std2AM Esports, N/ABacca, Parz
9$600€5762.19%202XSETlogo stdXSET, FaZe Clanlogo stdFaZe ClanClix, EpikWhale
10$500€4801.82%202N/A, FearRisinglogo stdFearRisingCam, Aminished
11$350€3361.28%192N/A, Team Summitlogo stdTeam SummitCurve1x, nvtylerh
12$350€3361.28%183Elite Esportslogo stdElite Esports, N/AMuz, Paper
13$350€3361.28%178FearRisinglogo stdFearRising, N/AYumi, boltz
14$350€3361.28%172Avivv, Mero
15$350€3361.28%168N/A, Witness The Journeylogo stdWitness The JourneyРolo, Convicted
16$250€2400.91%162yng jace て, rs justinnǃ
17$250€2400.91%153NoahWPlays, Resypical
18$250€2400.91%150N/A, 2AM Esportslogo std2AM EsportsPapi Blast, Xavi
19$250€2400.91%146N/A, Moon Unit Gaminglogo stdMoon UnitVergo, DiegoPlayz
20$250€2400.91%140Nut, Mason
21$250€2400.91%116Visxals, Braydz
22$250€2400.91%114Elite Esportslogo stdElite Esports, N/AKwanti, verT
23$250€2400.91%110N/A, TMP ESPORTSlogo stdTMP ESPORTSAoxy, jojofishy
24$250€2400.91%1082AM Esportslogo std2AM Esports, N/ABatman Bugha, Bylah
25$250€2400.91%108N/A, Dignitaslogo stdDignitasAjerss, Bugha
26$200€1920.73%104Team Summitlogo stdTeam Summit, N/ATeqqz, BeastAFK
27$200€1920.73%102TEAM AKAlogo stdTEAM AKA, N/ATenley, Cesar
28$200€1920.73%100Source, Deyy
29$200€1920.73%100bacon, Tkay
30$200€1920.73%984T Esportslogo std4T Esports, N/AAaron, Channce
31$200€1920.73%76Witness The Journeylogo stdWitness The Journey, N/ANach, Hov
32$200€1920.73%68BornToPlaylogo stdBornToPlay, N/AFreeze, cyrzr
33$200€1920.73%64Xenlogo stdXen, N/ARichHomieQuinn, Blzerd
34$200€1920.73%62Revised, Chris
35$200€1920.73%58Dignitaslogo stdDignitas, Manchester City Esports.NAlogo stdManchester City Esports.NAacorn, Cold
36$200€1920.73%54Lawrence, Zandaafn
37$200€1920.73%544T Esportslogo std4T Esports, 4T Esportslogo std4T EsportsHide n Seek, Dash
38$200€1920.73%50Kingz Kobe, CZR
39$200€1920.73%50Witness The Journeylogo stdWitness The Journey, Witness The Journeylogo stdWitness The Journeyrazez, Highr
40$200€1920.73%38zyrids, Mercy
41$200€1920.73%30Xenlogo stdXen, N/ABhronos, Joe
42$200€1920.73%30Treekss, Nic
43$200€1920.73%20Lukzy2f4u, ttv liquid5x
44$200€1920.73%16rs quaced, Willrz
45$200€1920.73%14Danny, Monk
46$200€1920.73%10bologn4, JBуa
47$200€1920.73%8c77088164a5946ff93907325982bba3e, Yung PakAttack
48$200€1920.73%6woo back chris, ar-15 storm
49$200€1920.73%4N/A, 2AM Esportslogo std2AM EsportsBigdav, Bully
50$200€1920.73%0Celt Esportslogo stdCelt Esports, N/AJafet, Xeees
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