Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 1/Heat 1/Asia

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Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2: Season 1 Heat 1 - Asia
FNCS C2S1logo square.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$17,100
Fortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
Event TypeSpecial Tier
Start Date2019-12-06
End Date2019-12-06
Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 1 is the official league for Chapter 2: Season 1. Starting on November 2, 2019, each week Epic Games will be holding online qualifiers for the Champion Series: Season Finals on seven regions. Each week, players will have a chance to win cash prizes and qualify for the Champion Series: Season Finals



  • 3 hour limit & 6 match limit
  • Scoring based on placement and eliminations.
  • Top 6 squads will advance to the Grand Finals.

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 3
Reach Top 2 3
Reach Top 4 3
Reach Top 6 3
Reach Top 8 3
Elimination 1

Prize Pool

  • $17,100 (USD) are spread among the teams in the Finals as seen below:
PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1.png 187MacChan, bell, zephеr, Qoo
PlacementIcon2.png 259SinOoh, Arius, FaxFox, Eraser
PlacementIcon3.png 358Nizzy, du938qwur90w8qfu, はむっぴ, souma
454Swillium, fa1zzy, NingDO, Horaace
552Paengdol, Classic, Aimhero o, CoSa
649りべるた やまだ, DubsNo 1, 税金TV, yasenoppo
747たやすく行われるえげつないAIM, 養鶏場 Musero, 養鶏場 NEZAR, 黄金米青子
845Team WElogo std.pngTeam WEYuWang, XCC, Fire, Xiaojie
944Tsunami, June, BoKyu, DDangkong
1044ガブリアス, カイリュー, ドラパルト, ヌメルゴン
1144かつどん OC, 桃 たまdy, ちゃんねるマシュ, 関東の龍 くれめんす Exc
1238Xtra 粉, NEXUS 百鬼えいちゃん, ArowZ Akairo, Ąssault (ASIA Playe
1337Wizard, leprous dzhama, Qwas, simpler
1435Logo std.pngSPACESHIRONEKO, ChickeNoob, Lexqss, Melon
1533Maesar, Qjac, Yusea, Scarlet
1628True, George, xingxing, sanx1an
1727Logo std.pngWGSJAG, HOON, Horde, Sopra
18274imbOT Jr, Merry, floppy soldier, 前世ゴリラ
1923弐番隊隊長 雪花, 八番隊隊長 ぬっくん, kuwagata, やま-o- 200
2021AKPECC, Miraxzy, しゅか, Velcia
2120Tw1nkk 吉, Ravel overStun, 2SNgNl, Ravel s0und89y o
2219TayTay, Fire, RazL QwQ, くるくる
2316FUKA, chap on オムライス, ましんま, A5 itigogumi
2412Newbeelogo std.pngNewbee?, 0, 9, 28
2510Logo std.pngCCCNs 0w0, YZ, Nr 0w0, RV




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