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Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2: Season 1 Week 3 - Middle East
FNCS C2S1logo square.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$12,500
Fortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
Middle East
Event TypeSpecial Tier
Start Date2019-11-16
End Date2019-11-17
Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 1 is the official league for Chapter 2: Season 1. Starting on November 2, 2019, each week Epic Games will be holding online qualifiers for the Champion Series: Season Finals on seven regions. Each week, players will have a chance to win cash prizes and qualify for the Champion Series: Season Finals



  • Open: November 16, 2019
    • 3 hour limit & 10 match limit
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations.
    • Top 200 Squads will advance to Semi-Finals.
  • Semi-Finals: November 16, 2019
    • 3 hour limit & 10 match limit
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations.
    • Points scored during Open are not transferred to Semi-Finals.
    • Top 25 Squads will advance to Finals.
  • Finals: November 17, 2019
    • 3 hour limit & 6 match limit
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations.
    • Points scored during Semi-Finals are not transferred to Finals.
    • Top 5 Squads will advance to Season Finals.

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 3
Reach Top 2 3
Reach Top 4 3
Reach Top 6 3
Reach Top 8 3
Elimination 1

Prize Pool

  • $12,500 (USD) are spread among the teams in the Finals as seen below:
PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1.png 1О N E S H O T, QnDx, Njby, Stilson
PlacementIcon2.png 2jigsocw, P7 Nong9 , Kimmy 130ping.TH, playerone 80ping
PlacementIcon3.png 3I4xPRO, Rex, ToRmen, Dexefite
4honn0u, SaaL, KYGO, Birelta
5Invoke, Wisa, Kimmy, Galassia
6Jawad, Broken, iExon, DaddyFaisal
7boxfighter doom, Сursive, Ion, Cabbagе
8Sаnе, nomfu, pancake, Mev
9Aboo6y, Cigol, Mentro, Ζuity
10Ethereallogo std.pngEthereal, Ethereallogo std.pngEthereal, Ethereallogo std.pngEthereal, Ethereallogo std.pngEtherealfdoz, Sickerz, NetloV, Frenzy
11Kune, Verizium, liryC, toggle
12LXlogo std.pngLX, LXlogo std.pngLX, LXlogo std.pngLX, LXlogo std.pngLXHbn, KBR, K9, KJS
13POWERlogo std.pngPOWER, POWERlogo std.pngPOWER, POWERlogo std.pngPOWER, POWERlogo std.pngPOWERRisK,, 7MOOD, Zeeyadx
14NJR, Abdulelah, Nasir, GntL
15PrimeZK, Flame, Foxa, Hunter
16C4rL, LeziX, Raed, Snowyka
173BoooD, Thunder Feras, Hydro, Az2M
18Santos, Helium, yoitsmee, Lazershooter
19Moonkush, KLOPZ, Feezle, Dennisthmus
20Not MESSi, HYPE DEV, Flexie, ThFateㅤ
21VlIlRUS, Fenix, VipеrZK, LоkiFn
22Mjood, SuL on top, HBSH, Outlaw
23kinji, moon, Spirit qq, Salvo
24Zeeom, Killer Boy, ADY, Hawk
25xJam, LM00x, Maxvmus, Niffyyy




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