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Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 8 Semi-Finals Day 1 Heat A - NA East
Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 Season 8logo square.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$0
LinksFortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
North America East
Event TypeOnline
Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 8 Semi-Finals Day 1 Heat A - NA East is the first heat hosted in North America East for the Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 8 Grand Finals - NA East.



  • Heat 1: October 28th
    • 2 hour limit & 4 match limit
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations.
    • Top 4 trios in each Region will advance to Grand Finals.

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Placement Points
Victory Royale 30
Reach Top 2 26
Reach Top 3 24
Reach Top 4 22
Reach Top 5 21
Reach Top 6 20
Reach Top 7 19
Reach Top 8 18
Reach Top 9 17
Reach Top 10 16
Reach Top 11 14
Reach Top 12 13
Reach Top 13 12
Reach Top 14 11
Reach Top 15 10
Reach Top 16 9
Reach Top 17 8
Reach Top 18 5
Reach Top 19 5
Reach Top 20 5
Reach Top 21 5
Reach Top 22 5
Reach Top 23 5
Reach Top 24 5
Each Elimination 2


PlacementIcon1.png 1132Nittle, Casqer, Smqcked
PlacementIcon2.png 2121Illest, Avery, Chukky
PlacementIcon3.png 3117Sw1ap, Encrpyted, iSypo
4115Dxrant, Reverse, PXMP
5112Narwhal, Zlem, Tkay
6109СІіх, Tahi, Sprite
7107Slackes, Acorn, Jаhq
8104Blаke, Scopеd, Magnolia
9102Degen, Αjerss, Khanada
1094OliverOG, Okis, Chimp
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1194Ceice, Cold, Elitxe
1285Neeqo, Xoonies, Pxlarized
1380Mikey, Summr, Fyerdrill
1474Kreo, Furiouѕ, verT
1562Areus, Е13, Zlats
1662Megga, Rocaine, Dubs
1758Voil, Xccept, Spayde
1853Notpandda, Bizzle, Demonyx
1948Shore, Convicted, OmG Me II
2043Kuza, Trev, Chec
2136Hagzen, Milito, Denhx
2232Ackerman, Buildz, Santhro
2332RYS, Cashew, Zayt Jr
2428Colefnx, Khetzui, Vyrus
2528Zyfa, Crxspy, DeathNYC
2625Calc, Bank, Looter
2722Dequented, Zemo, Zpxy
2820F4bled Taco, Soe, Vas
2915Cerbs, Pub, Aminished
3011Flamorsrr, Ekkoaim, SpeedyND
319Kryp X Brd, Conslebot, Tween
320Reducs, Aperta, Sparkg
330Maniacaroonie, Cobolt, Loadist
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