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Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 3 Season 2 - Qualifier 2: Round 4
Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 3 Season 2logo square.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$0
LinksFortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
North America West
Event TypeOnline
Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 3 Season 2 - Qualifier 2: Round 4 is the fourth round of the second qualifier hosted in North America West for the Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 3 Season 2 - Grand Finals.



  • Qualifiers 2 - Round 4: May 8th, 2022
    • 3 hour limit & 10 match limit
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations.
    • Top 5 duos in each region will advance to Grand Finals
    • Teams will also accumulate Series Points based on each Week's results, top performers will also be invited to the Semi-Finals.

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Placement Points
Victory Royale 32
Reach Top 2 28
Reach Top 3 26
Reach Top 4 24
Reach Top 5 23
Reach Top 6 22
Reach Top 7 21
Reach Top 8 20
Reach Top 9 19
Reach Top 10 18
Reach Top 11 17
Reach Top 12 16
Reach Top 13 15
Reach Top 14 14
Reach Top 15 13
Reach Top 16 12
Reach Top 17 11
Reach Top 18 10
Reach Top 19 9
Reach Top 20 8
Reach Top 21 7
Reach Top 22 6
Reach Top 23 5
Reach Top 24 4
Reach Top 25 3
Reach Top 26 2
Reach Top 27 2
Reach Top 28 2
Reach Top 29 2
Reach Top 30 2
Reach Top 31 1
Reach Top 32 1
Reach Top 33 1
Reach Top 34 1
Reach Top 35 1
Each Elimination 3

Prize Pool

  • $ 0 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:
PlacementIcon1.png 1194JFT Esportslogo std.pngJFT Esports.NA, Fear Novalogo std.pngFear NovaBeast, Tautai
PlacementIcon2.png 2183JFT Esportslogo std.pngJFT Esports.NA, JFT Esportslogo std.pngJFT Esports.NABatman Bugha, Wheels
PlacementIcon3.png 3177Team BHlogo std.pngTeam BH, N/AAlliege, DragonRG
4176Ignite Beyondlogo std.pngIgnite Beyond, Team 33 Gaminglogo std.pngTeam 33 GamingSxhool, Knzo
5155Logo std.pngBMD Esports, Logo std.pngBMD EsportsSlickNick, Convic
6152Team 33 Gaminglogo std.pngTeam 33 Gaming Academy, Ignite Beyondlogo std.pngIgnite BeyondAkaBoltz, Kruyor
7146Ignite Beyondlogo std.pngIgnite Beyond, Logo std.pngBMD EsportsNigel, Angеl
8146Xen.NAlogo std.pngXen, Team 33 Gaminglogo std.pngTeam 33 Gaming AcademyBacon, Zookez
9142Team Pulsarlogo std.pngTeam Pulsar, MERK Esportslogo std.pngMERK EsportsKeto, Rasso
10133Papi Blast, Sho
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11131Xen.NAlogo std.pngXen, Logo std.pngBMD EsportsKrypas, Thor
12129Team 33 Gaminglogo std.pngTeam 33 Gaming, TSMlogo std.pngTSMFavs, Snacky
13113Sedna, Tatan love Axzy
14109Team Pulsarlogo std.pngTeam Pulsar, Mizu Esportslogo std.pngMizu EsportsAiden, MooseGGs
15103100 Thieveslogo std.png100 Thieves, NRG Esports.NAlogo std.pngNRG Esports.NAArkhram, EpikWhale
1699Logo std.pngBMD Esports, Logo std.pngBMD EsportsNitrix, Cesar
1797Continuum Esportslogo std.pngContinuum Esports.NA, Continuum Esportslogo std.pngContinuum Esports.NASource, Walay
1894Witness The Journeylogo std.pngWitness The Journey, N/Aevol, Buildz
1990Mizu Esportslogo std.pngMizu Esports, Vanishlogo std.pngVanishTrey, Dom
2088FLu Esportslogo std.pngFLu Esports, FLu Esportslogo std.pngFLu EsportsZuko, Digital
2184FatMexican679, Sleym
2282Mystry Gaminglogo std.pngMystry Gaming, BearClaw Esportslogo std.pngBearClaw EsportsVbzxy, Silxzys
2377Team 33 Gaminglogo std.pngTeam 33 Gaming, Ignite Beyondlogo std.pngIgnite BeyondNach, YooSaltyy
2477Team 33 Gaminglogo std.pngTeam 33 Gaming, Team NorCallogo std.pngTeam NorCalCyrzr, Zinqxz
2574Olympus Esportslogo std.pngOlympus Esports, Witness The Journeylogo std.pngWitness The JourneyBacca, Delta
2672Olympus Esportslogo std.pngOlympus Esports, N/AYumi, Squishy34
2768LemonBowl, Ryanfps
2861PSG Esportslogo std.pngPSG TNA, N/ASlick, CZR
2960N/A, Witness The Journeylogo std.pngWitness The JourneySalvo, Combxt
3057N/A, Witness The Journeylogo std.pngWitness The JourneyRyaic, Reminisciin
3155Yaytz, Paul Wrld
3255Logo std.pngBMD Esports, Logo std.pngBMD EsportsCheatrs, Bdawg
3352FLu Esportslogo std.pngFLu Esports, Xen.NAlogo std.pngXenXеo, Pollo
3451VicterV, Jаdennx
3548N/A, Team BHlogo std.pngTeam BHSlays, Ggeez
3647N/A, Logo std.pngFusion EliteXayrez, Fecoy
3746Echo, Westxrn
3843Backitty, Przm
3942EnjiWPlays, Reeks
4040Danspawn, Ozzі
4140Chentetas, Dxnkzz
4240Broseyy, Yuomyy
4339Jony, VicDraft
4418Bobby, KippleNL
4518Metric, Stormlol
469N/A, Team 33 Gaminglogo std.pngTeam 33 GamingMojo, Hov
477FLu Esportslogo std.pngFLu Esports, Xen.NAlogo std.pngXenBlzerd, cwintrr
486Qlenzz, Lysoul
495N/A, Fear Novalogo std.pngFear NovaWave, Kewl
505Team 33 Gaminglogo std.pngTeam 33 Gaming, Fear Novalogo std.pngFear NovakadenOX, 4DRStorm
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