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Power Rankings of Brazil and Oceania at the moment are not updated to the last two competitive seasons, so the current positions of the players are not 100% accurate.


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Fortnite Champion Series: Grand Royale 2021 Reload Session 3 - Europe
Fortnite Champion Series Grand Royale 2021logo square.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$0
LinksFortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
Fortnite Champion Series: Grand Royale 2021 Reload Session 3 - Europe is the fourth qualifier hosted in Europe for the Fortnite Champion Series: Grand Royale 2021 Grand Finals - Europe.



  • Reload Session 3: November 13th, 2021
    • 3 hour limit & 10 match limit
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations.
    • Top 8 trios will advance to Victory Path Session 4.

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Placement Points
Victory Royale 25
Reach Top 2 20
Reach Top 3 16
Reach Top 4 14
Reach Top 5 13
Reach Top 6 12
Reach Top 7 11
Reach Top 8 10
Reach Top 9 9
Reach Top 10 8
Reach Top 11 7
Reach Top 12 6
Reach Top 13 5
Reach Top 14 4
Reach Top 15 3
Reach Top 16 2
Reach Top 17 1
Each Elimination 1


PlacementIcon1.png 1178Bobby, Paddy, Bayon
PlacementIcon2.png 2161egrm, keziix, naekoz
PlacementIcon3.png 3156scriwy, Shady, stompy
4154Mongrааl, Zq, crr
Mongrааl, Zq, crr
5153Cortez, Grolzz, N1ftz7
Cortez, Grolzz, N1ftz7
6150Aury, FiR3hUNTER, Art1st
Aury, FiR3hUNTER, Art1st
7145l0wless, Fаlconly, Robabz
l0wless, Fаlconly, Robabz
8144Awaer, packo, Leo
Awaer, packo, Leo
9144Snayzy, zeykoo, nayte
Snayzy, zeykoo, nayte
10143IDrop, veno, Merijn
IDrop, veno, Merijn
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11140Giziu, Pixelpiotr, Seahorse
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Giziu, Pixelpiotr, Seahorse
12140crustі, G13ras, synxx
crustі, G13ras, synxx
13137RZN, arckozz, Draakks
RZN, arckozz, Draakks
14137bagfi, Zeston, Hijoe
bagfi, Zeston, Hijoe
15136J4chu, Dаndir, Kubx
J4chu, Dаndir, Kubx
16134Braw, genesys, XpeR
Braw, genesys, XpeR
17134kyry, Daci, DarKiizZ
kyry, Daci, DarKiizZ
18132Wraxx, Hutyreyli, Passivq
Wraxx, Hutyreyli, Passivq
19130zNet, Milad, azvi
zNet, Milad, azvi
20127Diablo, Ceesay, carrot
Diablo, Ceesay, carrot
21127rzgod, Risttreto, Aditr0
rzgod, Risttreto, Aditr0
22124Vetle, Adn, Styrsix
Vetle, Adn, Styrsix
23124cvrby, Styler, еnsаr
cvrby, Styler, еnsаr
24123Sciacqua, mikiaxel, LoRii
Sciacqua, mikiaxel, LoRii
25122Archie, Blazified, DestinysJesus
Archie, Blazified, DestinysJesus
26121Payna, phyenix, Raizen
Payna, phyenix, Raizen
27121elani, Band1t, Viktor
elani, Band1t, Viktor
28120Voidd, Mappi, Peach
Voidd, Mappi, Peach
29120raavo0x, Raqe, ByHarry
raavo0x, Raqe, ByHarry
30120Connor, Swapz, Pnkayy
Connor, Swapz, Pnkayy
31120Kinwin, AZZEK, Fashers
Kinwin, AZZEK, Fashers
32119Rabid, xenolith, Tomzy
Rabid, xenolith, Tomzy
33118voxe, EMXXRR, Nail
voxe, EMXXRR, Nail
34118cheatiin, Glubschi, rappid
cheatiin, Glubschi, rappid
35118Miro, M1lo, kiduoo
Miro, M1lo, kiduoo
36116broken, turkyz, Beetwe
broken, turkyz, Beetwe
37116Jetsmaug, Wixу, Bigegg
Jetsmaug, Wixу, Bigegg
38116EFFECTZK, jeff, Kiandro
EFFECTZK, jeff, Kiandro
39115Artskill, Shaykoz, Didz
Artskill, Shaykoz, Didz
40115Raifla, K1nzеll, Jur3ky
Raifla, K1nzеll, Jur3ky
41114Crazyy, shattlex, 3ino1
Crazyy, shattlex, 3ino1
42114Hyphen, Klog, LаCave
Hyphen, Klog, LаCave
43114Rifteyy, Rojo, Flodax
Rifteyy, Rojo, Flodax
44113Stef, PandaGarry, Аrtem
Stef, PandaGarry, Аrtem
45112Wanlast, PodaSai, Couscous
Wanlast, PodaSai, Couscous
46112Arkes, Mike53, Predage
Arkes, Mike53, Predage
47111BlastR, Nikof, Alphaa
BlastR, Nikof, Alphaa
48111polly, Wiqciz, Abdi
polly, Wiqciz, Abdi
49110Lynk, Mozey, Spillum
Lynk, Mozey, Spillum
50109IzuqzX, Kouto, etrix
IzuqzX, Kouto, etrix
51108Legxndz, Cyr0xV, Falex
Legxndz, Cyr0xV, Falex
52108Qrоll, GEDZ, Hizixx
Qrоll, GEDZ, Hizixx
53108Lnuef, Snap, Jaggу
Lnuef, Snap, Jaggу
54108SantiFN, Deside, jkey
SantiFN, Deside, jkey
55107SINЕC, Typo, cоsmo
SINЕC, Typo, cоsmo
56107korol1k, Sp1aash, Mawakha
korol1k, Sp1aash, Mawakha
57107Fayn, Fantast, swiiz
Fayn, Fantast, swiiz
58106gudn, Lindgren, purd1ales
gudn, Lindgren, purd1ales
59106awayy, Felix, crezey
awayy, Felix, crezey
60106Seanvp, Remix, Minny
Seanvp, Remix, Minny
61106gogos, paanic, lawznSon
gogos, paanic, lawznSon
62106Perceval, Tillv1, Vortexers
Perceval, Tillv1, Vortexers
63105Pacewnl, Tez, Destroyer
Pacewnl, Tez, Destroyer
64105Iggor, Kruczek, Mohito
Iggor, Kruczek, Mohito
65104Jozz, MytycL, Clawser
Jozz, MytycL, Clawser
66104tleq, komi, MinZho
tleq, komi, MinZho
67104skw, bartzy, Zelek
skw, bartzy, Zelek
68104hycr1s, vortexR, Night
hycr1s, vortexR, Night
69104pary, Flopytin, Lugi
pary, Flopytin, Lugi
70103Akekzu, BoomQD, cruelK
Akekzu, BoomQD, cruelK
71103SSdouble, wiipow, Snipe
SSdouble, wiipow, Snipe
72102ZVortex000, MaxZK, Kiwie
ZVortex000, MaxZK, Kiwie
73101Skully8k, Ben2k, Siren
Skully8k, Ben2k, Siren
74101Cowjow, Boaz, mapesy
Cowjow, Boaz, mapesy
75101Frac, castery, Monа
Frac, castery, Monа
76101kirwa, Morumbi, Pickiss
kirwa, Morumbi, Pickiss
77101Tackyy, juliancom, Raze
Tackyy, juliancom, Raze
78101Pikkupoikahyper, Cyperiz, Lukezu
Pikkupoikahyper, Cyperiz, Lukezu
79100rombu, Zestful, supereye
rombu, Zestful, supereye
80100phaanda, mida, Nano
phaanda, mida, Nano
81100Brandtman, Hel1x, Moneymaker
Brandtman, Hel1x, Moneymaker
8299Theqo, Naervig, Zohan
Theqo, Naervig, Zohan
8398okozow, Volt, Rayy
okozow, Volt, Rayy
8498RupuRoope, orb, Alcen
RupuRoope, orb, Alcen
8597Talizz, Pandush, Frantic Young
Talizz, Pandush, Frantic Young
8696buster, outplay, kinetic
buster, outplay, kinetic
8796Gilljus, Swezіe, Nipsy
Gilljus, Swezіe, Nipsy
8896Praalo, Chaozu, Refresh
Praalo, Chaozu, Refresh
8995vic0, riipeex, jaxxen
vic0, riipeex, jaxxen
9094Jolavanillee, QKAIIN, wiskayy
Jolavanillee, QKAIIN, wiskayy
9194Hynei, Bridou, Mygoute
Hynei, Bridou, Mygoute
9294Icetzy, moshelele, Taze
Icetzy, moshelele, Taze
9394Downs2k, kejser, QB
Downs2k, kejser, QB
9493Tynox, n1co, zrap
Tynox, n1co, zrap
9593Vov, Sanji, duk3y
Vov, Sanji, duk3y
9693newy, Janify, Mikoni
newy, Janify, Mikoni
9793Trident, Eclipse, Jаmz
Trident, Eclipse, Jаmz
9892Kayn, idaschi, Vex
Kayn, idaschi, Vex
9992stena, reyed, Diocese
stena, reyed, Diocese
10092Cod3ck, GoldenCobra, Tyn
Cod3ck, GoldenCobra, Tyn
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