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Fortnite Champion Series: Invitational 2022 Finals
Fortnite Champion Series Invitational 2022logo square
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$1,000,000
LinksFortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
Event TypeOffline
Start Date2022-11-12
End Date2022-11-13
Fortnite Champion Series Invitational 2022 Finals is to celebrate some of the best duos in the world in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.



  • Day 1:
    • 3 hour limit & 6 match limit
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations.
  • Day 2:
    • 3 hour limit & 6 match limit
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations.

Points Breakdown - Day 1 & Day 2

Point Distribution
Placement Points
Victory Royale 32
Reach Top 2 29
Reach Top 3 28
Reach Top 4 27
Reach Top 5 26
Reach Top 6 25
Reach Top 7 24
Reach Top 8 23
Reach Top 9 22
Reach Top 10 21
Reach Top 11 20
Reach Top 12 19
Reach Top 13 18
Reach Top 14 17
Reach Top 15 16
Reach Top 16 15
Reach Top 17 14
Reach Top 18 13
Reach Top 19 12
Reach Top 20 11
Reach Top 21 10
Reach Top 22 9
Reach Top 23 8
Reach Top 24 7
Reach Top 25 6
Reach Top 26 - 30 5
Reach Top 31 - 35 4
Each Elimination 2

Prize Pool

  • $ 1,000,000 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:
PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1 1$200,000€186,00020%368Become Legendslogo stdBecome Legends, Become Legendslogo stdBecome LegendsKami, Setty
PlacementIcon2 2$140,000€130,20014%348Galaxy Racer Esportslogo stdGalaxy Racer, Tundra Esportslogo stdTundra EsportsQueasy, Veno
PlacementIcon3 3$120,000€111,60012%308Cold, Cented
4$90,000€83,7009%272Astralislogo stdAstralis, N/ATh0masHD, Trippernn
5$70,000€65,1007%250N/A, Crow Esports.BRlogo stdCrow Esports.BRPhzin, Kitoz
6$60,000€55,8006%239Guild Esportslogo stdGuild Esports, FOKUS CLANlogo stdFOKUS CLANHen, Vortex
7$50,000€46,5005%235N/A, Wave Esportslogo stdWave EsportsBadSniper, Noahreyli
8$40,000€37,2004%230JoeFN, zAndy
9$30,000€27,9003%230N/A, Crow Esports.BRlogo stdCrow Esports.BRXeat, KBR
10$20,000€18,6002%226Larson, Smite
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11$16,000€14,8801.6%224Avery, Commandment
12$14,000€13,0201.4%224Bifrostlogo stdBifrost, Falcons Esport.EUlogo stdFalcons Esport.EUklown, Refsgaard
13$10,000€9,3001%218N/A, Fusion eSportslogo stdFusion eSportsAcorn, Edgey
14$9,500€8,8350.95%210N/A, Siko Esportslogo stdSiko Esportsbevvys, Vortexers
15$8,000€7,4400.8%208NRG Esports.NAlogo stdNRG Esports.NA, Dignitaslogo stdDignitasClix, Dukez
16$7,000€6,5100.7%204Galaxy Racer Esportslogo stdGalaxy Racer, N/AMalibuca, Merstach
17$7,000€6,5100.7%192Wave Esportslogo stdWave Esports, N/AJuu, Yousri
18$7,000€6,5100.7%189Wave Esportslogo stdWave Esports, Siko Esportslogo stdSiko EsportsVic0try0na, Merijn
19$7,000€6,5100.7%181Tundra Esportslogo stdTundra Esports, Guild Esportslogo stdGuild EsportsPinq, Anas
20$7,000€6,5100.7%180N/A, TT9logo stdTT9TruleX, Chico
21$6,000€5,5800.6%179Wave Esportslogo stdWave Esports, Wave Esportslogo stdWave EsportsJannisZ, Vadeal
22$6,000€5,5800.6%173N/A, CubeX Gaminglogo stdCubeX GamingMackWood, Khanada
23$6,000€5,5800.6%162N/A, LootBoy Esportslogo stdLootBoy EsportsWox, Robban
24$6,000€5,5800.6%161FLu Esportslogo stdFLu Esports, Fusion eSportslogo stdFusion eSportsBacca, Buildz
25$6,000€5,5800.6%155PSG TNAlogo stdPSG TNA, PSG TNAlogo stdPSG TNAYumi, Kewl
26$4,000€3,7200.4%143Team Liquid.BRlogo stdTeam Liquid.BR, FaZe Clan.BRlogo stdFaZe Clan.BREdRoadToGlory, K1nG
27$4,000€3,7200.4%142TSMlogo stdTSM, TSMlogo stdTSMEpikWhale, Reet
28$4,000€3,7200.4%137Falcons Esport.EUlogo stdFalcons Esport.EU, GigaHublogo stdGigaHubAndilex, Rapit
29$4,000€3,7200.4%137Crazy Raccoonlogo stdCrazy Raccoon, Manchester City Esports.NAlogo stdManchester City Esports.NAAlice, Threats
30$4,000€3,7200.4%136Etajima ALBA E-sportslogo stdALBA E-sports, Etajima ALBA E-sportslogo stdALBA E-sportsMerem, Zagou
31$3,000€2,7900.3%135Become Legendslogo stdBecome Legends, Apekslogo stdApeksMrSavage, IDrop
32$3,000€2,7900.3%133Falcons Esport.EUlogo stdFalcons Esport.EU, N/ATaySon, Chapix
33$3,000€2,7900.3%129LootBoy Esportslogo stdLootBoy Esports, LootBoy Esportslogo stdLootBoy EsportsHijoe, Belusi
34$3,000€2,7900.3%128Crazy Raccoonlogo stdCrazy Raccoon, Crazy Raccoonlogo stdCrazy RaccoonPepoclip, Runa
35$3,000€2,7900.3%128Fatch, PaMstou
36$2,000€1,8600.2%121Dignitaslogo stdDignitas, Sentinelslogo stdSentinelsMero, Bugha
37$2,000€1,8600.2%119Jamper, PeterBot
38$2,000€1,8600.2%118N/A, Manchester City Esportslogo stdManchester City EsportsChimp, Skram
39$2,000€1,8600.2%117Team Honorlogo stdTeam Honor, 2AM Esportslogo std2AM EsportsRays, Parz
40$2,000€1,8600.2%116Siko Esportslogo stdSiko Esports, N/ARifty, Grolzz
41$1,500€1,3950.15%112Copenhagen Flameslogo stdCopenhagen Flames, Copenhagen Flameslogo stdCopenhagen FlamesSwag, PabloWingu
42$1,500€1,3950.15%111N/A, TSMlogo stdTSMfavs, Snacky
43$1,500€1,3950.15%101Manchester City Esportslogo stdManchester City Esports, N/AHellfire, Falconer
44$1,500€1,3950.15%101Exeed Esportslogo stdExeed Esports, N/Aartor, Mikson
45$1,500€1,3950.15%83N/A, FOKUS CLANlogo stdFOKUS CLANaqua, Rezon Ay
46$1,000€9300.1%74PWRlogo stdPWR, N/AAlex, Baily
47$1,000€9300.1%65PSG TNAlogo stdPSG TNA, PWR Americalogo stdPWR AmericaMuz, looter
48$1,000€9300.1%54Jace, Basil
49$1,000€9300.1%46Falcons Esportlogo stdFalcons Esport, Bravado Gaminglogo stdBravado GamingSpy, FKS
50$1,000€9300.1%42Nov1ce, Retake
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