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Fortnite Champion Series Major1: Chapter 5 Season 1 - Semi Finals: Upper Bracket
Fortnite Champion Series Major1 Chapter 4 Season 1logo square
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$0
Number of Teams250
LinksFortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
North America Central
Event TypeOnline
Fortnite Champion Series Major1: Chapter 5 Season 1 - Semi Finals: Upper Bracket Round 3 is the third Upper Bracket hosted in Central America for the Fortnite Champion Series Major1: Chapter 5 Season 1 - Grand Finals.



  • Semi-Finals - Upper 3: February 19th, 2024
    • 3 hour limit & 10 match limit
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations.
    • Top 25 duos in Upper Round 3 will advance to the Grand Finals

Points Breakdown

Prize Pool

  • $ 0 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:
Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 1000
Reach Top 2 56
Reach Top 3 52
Reach Top 4 48
Reach Top 5 44
Reach Top 6 40
Reach Top 7 38
Reach Top 8 36
Reach Top 9 34
Reach Top 10 32
Reach Top 11 30
Reach Top 12 28
Reach Top 13 26
Reach Top 14 24
Reach Top 15 22
Reach Top 16 20
Reach Top 17 18
Reach Top 18 16
Reach Top 19 14
Reach Top 20 12
Reach Top 21 10
Reach Top 22 8
Reach Top 23 6
Reach Top 24 4
Reach Top 25 2
Each Elimination 4
PlacementIcon1 1229Chroniclogo stdChronic, Agent Gaming.NAlogo stdAgent Gaming.NAritual, Reet
PlacementIcon2 2145XSETlogo stdXSET, FaZe Clanlogo stdFaZe ClanClix, EpikWhale
PlacementIcon3 3142Elite Esportslogo stdElite Esports, N/AEomzo, Rise
4137Rising Starslogo stdRising Stars, TSMlogo stdTSMPuhzessed, Snacky
5136FearRisinglogo stdFearRising, N/ATavern, Edgey
6132Dignitaslogo stdDignitas, Manchester City Esports.NAlogo stdManchester City Esports.NADukez, Threats
7124Elite Esportslogo stdElite Esports, N/AKwanti, Bylah
8124FearRisinglogo stdFearRising, Fusion Elitelogo stdFusion EliteZookez, boltz
91162AM Esportslogo std2AM Esports, N/ABacca, Parz
10116Dignitaslogo stdDignitas, Manchester City Esports.NAlogo stdManchester City Esports.NAacorn, Cold
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11108N/A, Chroniclogo stdChronicYumi, verT
1292Freeze, susscript
1390N/A, Dignitaslogo stdDignitasAjerss, Khanada
1488SpacePigle, Jivan
1584N/A, Elite Esportslogo stdElite EsportsMason, npen
1684Team Prodigylogo stdProdigy, N/Aaiden, hound
1782Chroniclogo stdChronic, Witness The Journeylogo stdWitness The JourneyVanillaz, Convic
1880Hide n Seek, Dash
1978N/A, FearRisinglogo stdFearRisingCam, Aminished
2078Deyy, Reducs
2170N/A, Team Sarrowlogo stdTeam SarrowCrfrmatl, S0vzy
2270Team Prodigylogo stdProdigy, Logo std4T EsportDolzeur, Maxofnn
2368N/A, Chroniclogo stdChronicNoxy, Krisp
2464N/A, Elite Esportslogo stdElite EsportsDeathNYC, Pxlarized
2558TMP ESPORTSlogo stdTMP ESPORTS, N/ANekko, Xavi
2656Curve1x, zandaafn
2756Nexy, YyEdge
2854N/A, CRKG Esportslogo stdCRKG EsportsPapi Blast, Zyrofnw
2954Witness The Journeylogo stdWitness The Journey, Witness The Journeylogo stdWitness The Journeyrazez, Highr
3050Team Summitlogo stdTeam Summit, N/ATeqqz, Biylox
3150Hxvac, Blu
3248Rocaine, Revised
3348TMP ESPORTSlogo stdTMP ESPORTS, N/Ajojofishy, BeastAFK
3440Nurface, Ccurly
3532Young Clanlogo stdYoung Clan, Young Clanlogo stdYoung ClanKrreón, Igna
3628Rising Starslogo stdRising Stars, N/AZuko, Shhyy
3726Criizux, DragonRG
3818Soul Runnerlogo stdSoul Runner, N/Ablakeps, MackWood
3914Stride Esportslogo stdStride Esports, N/ACrackly, Joe
408Team Prodigylogo stdProdigy, N/Abacon, Tkay
4182AM Esportslogo std2AM Esports, N/AGolden1x, Ozone
428ttv swaxsko, ttv vediitss
436Witness The Journeylogo stdWitness The Journey, N/ANach, Hov
444N/A, Team Summitlogo stdTeam Summittwitch champofn, Decay
454CloverFnx, jj0sh
464Aaron, Channce
470Quang, Time1x
480Agent Gaming.NAlogo stdAgent Gaming.NA, N/ACented, Tahi
490N/A, 2AM Esportslogo std2AM EsportsJaqck, Pilat
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