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Fortnite Champion Series Major2: Chapter 5 Season 2 - Semi Finals: Upper Bracket
Fortnite Champion Series Major1 Chapter 4 Season 1logo square
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$0
Number of Teams50
LinksFortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
Fortnite Champion Series Major2: Chapter 5 Season 2 - Semi Finals: Upper Bracket Round 3 is the third Upper Bracket hosted in Europe for the Fortnite Champion Series Major2: Chapter 5 Season 2 - Grand Finals.



  • Semi-Finals - Upper 3: May 12th, 2024
    • 3 match
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations.
    • Victory Royale in Upper Round 1 or 2 to qualify for Grand Finals.

Points Breakdown

Prize Pool

  • $ 0 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:
Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 1000
Reach Top 2 56
Reach Top 3 52
Reach Top 4 48
Reach Top 5 44
Reach Top 6 40
Reach Top 7 38
Reach Top 8 36
Reach Top 9 34
Reach Top 10 32
Reach Top 11 30
Reach Top 12 28
Reach Top 13 26
Reach Top 14 24
Reach Top 15 22
Reach Top 16 20
Reach Top 17 18
Reach Top 18 16
Reach Top 19 14
Reach Top 20 12
Reach Top 21 10
Reach Top 22 8
Reach Top 23 6
Reach Top 24 4
Reach Top 25 2
Each Elimination 4
PlacementIcon1 1201Team Activelogo stdTeam Active, Guild Esportslogo stdGuild EsportsKombek, Blacha
PlacementIcon2 2189Karmine Corplogo stdKarmine Corp, Karmine Corplogo stdKarmine CorpMerstach, Malibuca
PlacementIcon3 3157Team WSlogo stdTeam WS, Team WSlogo stdTeam WSTurtle, Cheapz
4126N/A, HEROIClogo stdHEROICQueasy, Th0masHD
5124N/A, Detect Esportslogo stdDetect EsportsDandeLion, Hizixx
6124Eltensy, panzer
7122N/A, BIG Clanlogo stdBIGMappi, Kiro
8120Valiantlogo stdValiant, Valiantlogo stdValiantAndilex, Seyyto
9104Orkadia Esportslogo stdOrkadia, Team Variouslogo stdTeam VariousSrapt, Skrill
10100Team Visionlogo stdVision, N/AHowly, NeFrizi
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1194Detect Esportslogo stdDetect Esports, Flawless Regionlogo stdFlawless RegionKielba, Gobaw
1294Team Variouslogo stdTeam Various, Team Variouslogo stdTeam VariousCzb, Nаthan
1392FOKUS CLANlogo stdFOKUS CLAN, N/AAsa, Marco
1488N/A, Guild Esportslogo stdGuild EsportsG13ras, charyy
1584Hlechis, upl2k
1684Wave Esportslogo stdWave Esports, Averiourlogo stdAveriourCringe, Nomzz
1782N/A, Team Flawlesslogo stdTeam FlawlessGacus, Czesiack
1880Toose, Karmy
1976Destru, Pirozz
2074Kosma Gaminglogo stdKosma Gaming, EvozA eSportlogo stdEvozA eSportPurchawa, Vexxi
2174Team Activelogo stdTeam Active, N/ARELLVIS, DABUEL
2270Gentle Mateslogo stdGentle Mates, Gentle Mateslogo stdGentle MatesSnayzy, PodaSai
2366Guild Esports Academylogo stdGuild Esports Academy, Esports Psychologo stdEsports PsychoVoltiaX, Cool Kid
2460Wave Esportslogo stdWave Esports, N/AGlubschi, Trexer
25602Trash4Me, Zohan
2660kent1k, f1n4ik
2758Babos Gaminglogo stdBabos Gaming, N/AFinn, Auvahalo
2856Detect Esportslogo stdDetect Esports, N/AYunite, iFr0zi
2956Twentystars - 20slogo stdTwentystars, N/ARicky, Zara
3052Claim Esportslogo stdClaim Esports, N/ASlaitz, Moeze
3150Reality Zonedlogo stdReality Zoned, N/AKurama, Werex
3246Dyox, Kayd
3344N/A, Kosma Gaminglogo stdKosma Gamingp1ngfnz, 1lushaFN
3440InTenZivelogo stdInTenZive, EKod Esportslogo stdeKod EsportsFant, Sp1ash
3538Kosma Gaminglogo stdKosma Gaming, Mercium Esportlogo stdMercium EsportHris, Skvii
3638Conin, KalasOtto
3738Raclow, skyzouw
3834FoCuSFN, Zangi
3924Wox, pixie
4012Team Hmblelogo stdTeam Hmble, N/AAlexcod, ricbor
4112WLGaming Esportslogo stdWLGaming Esports, WLGaming Esportslogo stdWLGaming EsportsTheD00mGuy, Ice
428Team Variouslogo stdTeam Various, N/AVispen, Cheqzie
438Solarylogo stdSolary, Solarylogo stdSolaryFloki, Voxe
448Team Visionlogo stdVision, N/ALens, Tidi
450JarKo, DarKiizZ
460Averiourlogo stdAveriour, N/ARobinwsl, Juu
47027 twi, Jakei
480TWH Esportlogo stdTWH Esport, N/AAdrixx, Amos
490Valiantlogo stdValiant, Guild Esportslogo stdGuild EsportsTruleX, Chico
500Merijn, Quaker
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