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Fortnite Champion Series Major3: Chapter 4 Season 3 - Grand Finals
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Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$966,000
Number of Teams50
LinksFortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
Start Date2023-08-12
End Date2023-08-13
Fortnite Champion Series Major3: Chapter 4 Season 3 - Grand Finals is the final hosted in Europe for the Fortnite Champion Series Major3: Chapter 4 Season 3 - Grand Finals.



  • Grand Finals: August 12nd-13rd, 2023
    • 2 sessions
      • 3 hour limit & 6 match limit for each
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 9
Reach Top 2 5
Reach Top 3 4
Reach Top 4 4
Reach Top 5 4
Reach Top 6 2
Reach Top 7 2
Reach Top 8 1
Reach Top 9 2
Reach Top 10 2
Reach Top 11 2
Reach Top 12 2
Reach Top 13 2
Reach Top 14 2
Reach Top 15 2
Reach Top 16 2
Reach Top 17 2
Reach Top 18 2
Reach Top 19 2
Reach Top 20 2
Reach Top 21 2
Reach Top 22 2
Reach Top 23 2
Reach Top 24 2
Reach Top 25 2
Each Elimination 2
Loot Island 15
Loot Vault 3

Prize Pool

  • $ 966,000 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:
PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsQualificationTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1 1$200,000€192,00020.7%653Swizzy, Рutrick
PlacementIcon2 2$120,000€115,20012.42%506N/A, Cleave Esportslogo stdCleave EsportsTruleX, Chico
PlacementIcon3 3$100,000€96,00010.35%449Team Fourty7logo stdTeam Fourty7, Northern Star Gaminglogo stdNorthern Star GamingMisha, t3eny
4$80,000€76,8008.28%431Tundra Esportslogo stdTundra Esports, Gaimin Gladiatorslogo stdGaimin GladiatorsSetty, Kami
5$60,000€57,6006.21%427N/A, Become Legendslogo stdBecome LegendsBlacha, Mikson
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6$50,000€48,0005.18%424Aspect Esportslogo stdAspect Esports, N/ARobban, Axeforce
7$40,000€38,4004.14%407Gentle Mateslogo stdGentle Mates, Gentle Mateslogo stdGentle MatesPodaSai, Snayzy
8$30,000€28,8003.11%406Wave Esportslogo stdWave Esports, N/AVic0try0na, Pinq
9$20,000€19,2002.07%373Grolzz, klown
10$15,000€14,4001.55%371N/A, Aightlogo stdAightFastroki, Kylie
11$15,000€14,4001.55%355Galaxy Racer Esportslogo stdGalaxy Racer, N/AMalibuca, Th0masHD
12$15,000€14,4001.55%349P1ngfnz, Kyry
13$15,000€14,4001.55%346Orkadia Esportslogo stdOrkadia, EvozA eSportlogo stdEvozA eSportG13ras, Charyy
14$15,000€14,4001.55%327Orkadia Esportslogo stdOrkadia, N/ATropeX, Huty
15$10,000€9,6001.04%323Monaco eSportslogo stdMonaco eSports, Falcons Esport.EUlogo stdFalcons Esport.EUMerstach, TaySon
16$10,000€9,6001.04%318FOKUS CLANlogo stdFOKUS CLAN, N/AAsa, Slovay
17$10,000€9,6001.04%316Aightlogo stdAight, Valiantlogo stdValiantSkydeun, Shaykoz
18$10,000€9,6001.04%311N/A, Aspect Esportslogo stdAspect EsportsPabloWingu, bevvys
19$10,000€9,6001.04%302Team GOlogo stdTeam GO, Solarylogo stdSolaryVoxe, DKS
20$8,000€7,6800.83%300nebs, Hellfire
21$8,000€7,6800.83%300Destroy Esportslogo stdDestroy Esports, Connecting Esportslogo stdConnecting EsportsVacan, Skvii
22$8,000€7,6800.83%294Ninjas in Pyjamaslogo stdNinjas in Pyjamas, Manchester City Esportslogo stdManchester City EsportsRefsgaard, Trippernn
23$8,000€7,6800.83%290Twisted Minds.EUlogo stdTwisted Minds.EU, N/Ajapko, Packo
24$8,000€7,6800.83%274Mirow Esportlogo stdMirow Esport, Cyber Tottemlogo stdCyber TottemGolddd, Anchor
25$6,000€5,7600.62%258See Esportslogo stdSee Esports, N/AVaske, OvLDER
26$6,000€5,7600.62%253Northern Star Gaminglogo stdNorthern Star Gaming, N/AMoneymaker, Fnajen
27$6,000€5,7600.62%234N/A, Cyber Tottemlogo stdCyber TottemKirb1, fiR3hUNTER
28$6,000€5,7600.62%233Guild Esportslogo stdGuild Esports, N/AAnas, Srapt
29$6,000€5,7600.62%222Become Legendslogo stdBecome Legends, Become Legendslogo stdBecome LegendsVanyak3kk, Karmy
30$5,000€4,8000.52%208Connecting Esportslogo stdConnecting Esports, Lyost Esportlogo stdLyost EsportDeckzee, Hedra
31$5,000€4,8000.52%205Team Atlanticlogo stdAtlantic, Team Atlanticlogo stdAtlanticStenno, Liwshe
32$5,000€4,8000.52%204Aightlogo stdAight, Aightlogo stdAightTrexer, Hijoe
33$5,000€4,8000.52%200Averiourlogo stdAveriour, Strawlogo stdStrawCorni, Sqyve
34$5,000€4,8000.52%199Merijn, Kiro
35$4,000€3,8400.41%187N/A, Grand Tenacylogo stdGrand TenacyDyox, Kayd
36$4,000€3,8400.41%175Polestar Esportslogo stdPolestar, Cyber Tottemlogo stdCyber TottemPeshka, Kenty
37$4,000€3,8400.41%174Jakei, Nаthan
38$4,000€3,8400.41%158Kefyy, Mlody
39$4,000€3,8400.41%158Cyber Tottemlogo stdCyber Tottem, N/AArt1st, Volko
40$3,000€2,8800.31%142N/A, Aightlogo stdAightGripey, Flickzy
41$3,000€2,8800.31%141FOKUS CLANlogo stdFOKUS CLAN, Strawlogo stdStrawVortex, Belusi
42$3,000€2,8800.31%141Reality Zonedlogo stdReality Zoned, Reality Zonedlogo stdReality ZonedAkiira, SkyJump
43$3,000€2,8800.31%140Wave Esportslogo stdWave Esports, 00 Nationlogo std00 NationVadeal, MrSavage
44$3,000€2,8800.31%134Apekslogo stdApeks, N/AIDrop, Mappi
45$2,000€1,9200.21%129Guild Esportslogo stdGuild Esports, N/AHen, Chapix
46$2,000€1,9200.21%112Orkadia Esportslogo stdOrkadia, N/AS1neD, iRezUmi
47$2,000€1,9200.21%99Monaco eSports Academylogo stdMonaco eSports Academy, Strawlogo stdStrawBlurfire, Skrill
48$2,000€1,9200.21%82Tundra Esportslogo stdTundra Esports, LaNe Esportlogo stdLaNe EsportArchie, Nipsy
49$2,000€1,9200.21%42N/A, Wooka Esportlogo stdWooka EsportGawid, Rxnny
50$1,000€9600.1%30Fractious Esportslogo stdFractious, Fractious Esportslogo stdFractiousJarKo, Clxne
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