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So you think you might be interested in helping out with the wiki? This page goes over everything you need to get started!

Why Apply to the Fortnite Esports Wiki Staff?

First of all, you definitely don't need to apply to edit the wiki. If you want to make edits on your own, feel free! Our staff might reach out to you via your wiki user page from time to time, but as long as your edits positively add to our content, just go for it! Also, our Discord Server has a bunch of public channels that you can participate in without applying. That said, there are a few reasons you may want to join our staff.

  • It's a great way to get into esports. Want to work in the esports industry some day? Having a background of volunteering with Fortnitepedia is a great place to start! Depending on what you're doing on the site, you may have the opportunity to network with teams from a particular region that you're covering, or even get experience managing a region's coverage.
  • It's the best thing you can do to support us. If you use and appreciate our wiki, this is BY FAR the best thing you can do to make sure we're able to continue providing you with the best coverage. We'll try to match you with a region you follow anyway, so covering tournaments and/or roster changes will only take a few extra minutes compared to what you were doing anyway (watching games or reading news).

Fortnite Esports Wiki Staff Responsibilities

Staff members work on all aspects of the site, from updating player bios to updating tournaments' results in realtime. The amount of experience that we look for in staff varies with what part of the site they're interested in working on - for example, if you want to update a region's player biographies, we would want you to be already familiar with that particular region and able to write well; however, if you're more interested in entering raw stats from screencaps, then we don't expect you to have experience already and instead hope that you will gain experience and skills during your time as a volunteer for us. We are also extremely flexible with what volunteers work on and even encourage you to take on multiple projects at the same time and work on whichever one you prefer each day, as long as everything that needs to be completed is done within a reasonable timeline.

What can you expect to do on a daily basis? We have several projects ongoing at any point in time - updating player biographies when news is released is an ongoing process. We also have a backlog of tournaments that we want to enter data from, and there are always bios that haven't been updated in a while to go back and catch up on. Additionally, we are always reorganizing and improving older parts of the site, so working on some things related to that might be an option. Or, if there's something that you find personally interesting, you can always work on that!

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