Fortnite Winter Royale 2019/Day 2/Mobile/NA-West

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Winter Royale NA West 2019: Day 2
Winter Royale.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$49,750
Fortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
North America West
Event TypeOnline
United States
The Winter Royale is an online Duo event, hosted by Epic Games, where $362,000 each week will be rewarded (Mobile). There are no open qualifiers. The top 500 performers will receive money and top 100 performers will receive power ranking points.



  • 15 Games
  • 4 hours

Points Breakdown

Points are awarded based on finishing position and kills as follows (if you reach a threshold points will be cumulated for both placements and kills): [1]

  • Every kill is worth 1 point.
Point Distribution
Placement Points
Victory Royale 15

Prize Pool

PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1.png 15.23%185Wilguo, Justin
PlacementIcon2.png 24.52%178Adam, Zole
PlacementIcon3.png 34.02%171A1Alex, xfol
43.02%170Unreal, MistyGod
52.81%165backwards, forwards
62.61%165Joji, saucyonjah
72.41%164rednar, daze
82.21%163Pham, darky
92.01%162Drippy, Larroy
101.81%158Joexsmama, RiskyTimmy
111.51%157TillerMalone, BlakeBoss
121.51%157Kenju Natte, phoenix
131.51%156johny, chayvz
141.51%153Krispy, Scarred
151.51%150alpha nav, dyno
161.51%147rival, lasered
171.51%146skowih, Hydra
181.51%145Manic2x, Cracked
191.51%143Rainbow, Rex
201.51%143Dougey, nbkkanoa
211.21%140Appo, CantFear
221.21%140Ghost, Nolan
231.21%139Pokeglobe, Lol U Free Cash
241.21%139Moherrr, jahllow
251.21%138zsty, w4rdell
261.21%138Logo std.pngT9Mica, Pezzi
271.21%137Airmessi, Greethan
281.21%134vexiity, Corpz
291.21%132Nosirrah, Jinx
301.21%130HeyMiku, Stark
310.9%129nguyen, ElectUndrMstltoe
320.9%128KillerKnight23, Rlo
330.9%128Paradox, viruze
340.9%127LUMP, Cosapeludita
350.9%125Voidlyy, Exoticz
360.9%125Suslord Har, jolly tempah
370.9%124じーにあすとりちゃ, じーにあすらまちゃ FA
380.9%124Twinss, vinez
390.9%124cryptic turtles, RIVAL
400.9%124Amv, eX Social
410.8%123Y4nduu, Ralph-o-Kim
420.8%122STr43kS, Josemp16
430.8%12291Drew20, Reckon
440.8%121nezra, monster 38
450.8%121YIBG113, Toni
460.8%121Powder, Quad
470.8%120flashy, Sammy
480.8%120vXility, Alex
490.8%120VSCO Oden, Yuniit
500.8%119RΛVEΝ, Gamenerd10001010
510.6%119PrincessSlayya, L1shah
520.6%119owen, Mostache
530.6%119Syger, Exposer
540.6%119Ash, Fake Vision
550.6%119apollo, Decorousy
560.6%119sake, a pixel appeared
570.6%119Tripp, Lionel Niezo
580.6%118oofHellCat, Vivid
590.6%118debel, bandit
600.6%118ZPOODlE, ImOnMobile
610.6%118trident., Nik
620.6%117KURTJOKER, Need mobile duo
630.6%117Zen, Phrizz
640.6%117Elite, jolly turtle boi
650.6%116Celestelogo std.pngCelestehypez, hulx
660.6%116Karmaster, Karmaster
670.6%116Loki, T R O U B L E D
680.6%115Mecow, EdwardJr
690.6%114Ρulse, blaz
700.6%114Gloiana, Yadibes
710.6%114Kripta, marcos33447
720.6%114Dimihits, Touchz
730.6%113Zealanddd, Ruthless
740.6%113SkyEvil, 0KAYB00MER11
750.6%113Ninja, Chubbs Hyper X
760.4%113AnAsianMobile, ChingChangMoney
770.4%113burrito, R8TE
780.4%113Robinpoops, tylr
790.4%113yocrxzy, Sub2Not2Sick now
800.4%113kulog, axry
810.4%113Mctíts, boddybicch
820.4%112Ѕj, FronestZK
830.4%112Milz, maximus
840.4%112Celtix, elf matoot
850.4%111Cookles, mikel
860.4%111beamed, Clump
870.4%111Chuck Wrld, Scarеd
880.4%111Neon, SilentD
890.4%110Cert, fvkk boi Goat
900.4%110Ahxmvd, 3bdo
910.4%110devil, kirly
920.4%110DoodleStroodle, Teks7
930.4%110papi.eyes, livinglarge
940.4%110Fearful, Echoz
950.4%11071НRS, DEADLORD
960.4%109McBlanket, mike oxtiny
970.4%109J-Galindo, A-Galindo
980.4%109Anonymous, Anonymous
990.4%109Task, Vulzy
1000.4%109Felipesavs, Flight


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