Fortnite Winter Royale 2019/Day 3/Console/NA-West

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Winter Royale NA-West 2019: Day 3
Winter Royale 2019.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$334,500
Fortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
North America West
Event TypeOnline
United States
The Winter Royale is an online Duo event, hosted by Epic Games, where $334,500 each week will be rewarded (Console). There are no open qualifiers. The top 500 performers will receive money and top 100 performers will receive power ranking points.



  • 15 Games
  • 4 hours

Points Breakdown

Points are awarded based on finishing position and kills as follows (if you reach a threshold points will be cumulated for both placements and kills): [1]

  • Every kill is worth 1 point.
Point Distribution
Placement Points
Victory Royale 15

Prize Pool

PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1.png 14.98%161Akaspartan, Vadizy
PlacementIcon2.png 24.15%132YuhTrix, odngy
PlacementIcon3.png 33.73%129eAvaxify, aR
43.32%128Сope, Clutch19x
52.99%122ThrowSZN, curtesy
62.49%121Assault Former, Raveezy24
72.32%120SevnSZN, keju
82.16%117Lоnelyy, Pegasus
91.99%116Syzz, DxmxntiaOnTop
101.74%114SirAllenn, ShookSZN
111.49%113blaza, 60fpswithadream
121.49%112Exotifys, Xanyq
131.49%111NowV, Dreazing
141.49%111NotDaya, iiKvngJohn
151.49%109Llobeti4, LoganZz
161.49%109SiconTv, Lucks
171.49%109SexyNate, Purity
181.49%109Netrikz, ItsTA
191.49%107Cloudrr, Logic Assassin
201.49%107Logo std.pngHaZePsych, Zak
211.24%106Pleasants, santa
221.24%106yusa, JustGucci
231.24%106dextremental, ㅒㅃㅂㅛ
241.24%106ParzivalJax, Champp
251.24%105Klayy, Fusion
261.24%105Bloom, Schasta
271.24%105Karp, Natertot3131
281.24%105FatherRex, Reze
291.24%105slave, Scrutey
301.24%104Meeked, Tecxq
311%104Antraxs, MYMluis
321%104yuldy, Connfident
331%104dripster, Kybi
341%104zBrotha, Vetreoux
351%104moonscapes, Brett
361%103nysoph, Tyqzu
371%103matticks, Anomaly
381%103Blurr, Khaotic
391%103Xylo, liljake200
401%103Joe, ryu
410.75%103SMASH3AD, iLoveLegc
420.75%103Twzlers, tonywyd
430.75%102Cartoon, Lupien
440.75%102Jаido, fоrbеѕ
450.75%102Flacidd, Dlo4
460.75%102Yasir, Dosy
470.75%101Pemy., ToRepresent
480.75%101Cevily, loves
490.75%101Тwist, Font
500.75%101Circle, TTVrexicution
510.66%101Demo, ReddYoshii
520.66%101Exyq, cash
530.66%101MMonarxx, Kays
540.66%101wydmax, rRaainN
550.66%101Build, Refuses2Bust
560.66%101SammyFammy, Kwokxy
570.66%101VoizySZN, iAbstract
580.66%101ChriisTakesWalls, Riiiickyyy
590.66%101R3veal, qrrows
600.66%100ʀɴStar, Juxta
610.66%100Jacket, DemizeScars
620.66%100terminallyillkid, Rain
630.66%100Stіlo, stеaming
640.66%100Prixors, Kyruq
650.66%100OGchoji, BIGxPUSHER
660.66%100Flumzey, Thafs
670.66%100buddyy, tuexy
680.66%100Dangles, Endless
690.66%100Synxufy, ilybuzzo
700.66%100soulnos, VegitoJrs
710.66%100Ice, KrugerAllFiredUp
720.66%99Asуlum, Cryp
730.66%99Ggeez, Breezy
740.66%99Daddy Manzerxx, 坪田家いとこ アリババ
750.66%99STH-IAN, IceSkull
760.58%99ConciseWinner, MOOSIFIO
770.58%99PXMP, InstinctFinesse
780.58%99Rxbert, Juxsii
790.58%99sllurps, sopes
800.58%99Sylnu, Votrify
810.58%99nimi, Rizszy
820.58%98klqkr, zappd
830.58%98Tremor 702, ItsGxmmi
840.58%98Parur, Вukа
850.58%98Tupac, wavyjakobe
860.58%98tonpuh, zorion
870.58%98Poofy, Trixev
880.58%98Skyline, Haught
890.58%98MediumDoinks4, Radiance1234
900.58%98ziztrr, zTheManTV
910.58%97Qop60, Chacorta707
920.58%97TheCartel Esportslogo std.pngTheCartel Esports CMetro, Asainz
930.58%97Luismario130504, Scythy
940.58%97Apple, Malimali1304
950.58%97uhPapi, CallMeCocky
960.58%97prudas, QBKJL
970.58%97Snatches, Qlix777
980.58%97Biggen1228, PrimalBeing
990.58%97Ars, iEnhxnce
1000.58%97Quantium2, OsamaBinLade


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