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Ninja’s OG Skirmish Session 2
OG Skirmish 2023logo square
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$15,100
LinksFortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
North America Central
Event TypeOnline
Ninja’s OG Skirmish Session 2 is the a Skirmish in North America Central for the OG Skirmish: Chapter 4 Season 5.



  • November 6th, 2023
    • 3 hour limit & 10 match limit
    • Players will earn points based on the scoring system

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 10
Reach Top 2 7
Reach Top 3 7
Reach Top 4 7
Reach Top 5 7
Reach Top 6 5
Reach Top 7 5
Reach Top 8 5
Reach Top 9 5
Reach Top 10 5
Reach Top 11 3
Reach Top 12 3
Reach Top 13 3
Reach Top 14 3
Reach Top 15 3
Each Elimination 1
  • Match Cap At 10.

Prize Pool

  • $ 15,100 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:
PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1 1$1,000€9606.62%138Peterbot, Pollo
PlacementIcon2 2$1,000€9606.62%127Limit Esportslogo stdLimit Esports, Moon Unit Gaminglogo stdMoon UnitGMoney, DiegoPlayz
PlacementIcon3 3$1,000€9606.62%126Dignitaslogo stdDignitas, N/AKhanada, Cooper
4$800€7685.3%125Dignitaslogo stdDignitas, Agent Gaming.NAlogo stdAgent Gaming.NAacorn, Cold
5$800€7685.3%123Beneath Sectlogo stdBeneath Sect, N/AАimdylan, Slurpypineapple
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6$600€5763.97%121N/A, Agent Gaming.NAlogo stdAgent Gaming.NAMuz, Paper
7$600€5763.97%119Ghooslty, tonyfv
8$600€5763.97%118N/A, Dignitaslogo stdDignitasajerss, Bugha
9$600€5763.97%118Team Summitlogo stdTeam Summit, N/AAіden, hound
10$600€5763.97%116N/A, Manchester City Esports.NAlogo stdManchester City Esports.NAAvivv, Threats
11$500€4803.31%115N/A, Witness The Journeylogo stdWitness The JourneyGolden1x, Ozone
12$500€4803.31%114skqttles, Chubs
13$500€4803.31%113Mojo, Crmzn
14$500€4803.31%112Bacon, Zookez
15$500€4803.31%111N/A, Agent Gaming.NAlogo stdAgent Gaming.NAritual, Reet
16$500€4803.31%109Tomäto Tickler, Banäna Bandit
17$500€4803.31%109Hxvac, Rava1x
18$500€4803.31%108Elite Esportslogo stdElite Esports, N/AEomzo, Rise
19$500€4803.31%108Tkay, Chimp
20$500€4803.31%1082AM Esportslogo std2AM Esports, N/ATwunti, Fuzeac
21$400€3842.65%107Clukz, Mattbruh
22$400€3842.65%107danny bad bloom, Monk
23$400€3842.65%107N/A, Witness The Journeylogo stdWitness The JourneyBubby, CreepWtf
24$400€3842.65%107Team Southlogo stdTeam South, N/AHazzense, La Nutria Myst
25$400€3842.65%106N/A, Elite Esportslogo stdElite Esportscyrzr, npen
260%106Brycx, Fertice
270%106Rising Starslogo stdRising Stars, Team Summitlogo stdTeam SummitJsick, Gooch
280%105cooper clonе, Jex
290%105N/A, Witness The Journeylogo stdWitness The JourneyYuz, oSydd
300%105Visxals, Braydz
310%104RAIDAIM.EXE, zzz paylo
320%104Jaqck, [[t Miyu|t Miyu]]
330%104zerfix- -, Michigan
340%104Dignitaslogo stdDignitas, Elite Esportslogo stdElite EsportsDukez, Pxlarized
350%104Ceice, Scoped
360%103Horked, twitch.32demix
370%103WeY, Scarpa
380%102N/A, Team Summitlogo stdTeam SummitLolsaucy, EdwardXI
390%102Futura5logo stdFutura5, N/AFlo1x, Aoxy
400%102Papi Blast, Zeus
410%102N/A, 2AM Esportslogo std2AM EsportsHydraSZN, Broken4x
420%101PUREMON, tetrobcool
430%101Kickz, FeitanFv
440%100Joe, Milks
450%100Rising Starslogo stdRising Stars, N/AZiggy, Phenomǃ
460%100Ceneto, veer
470%99Rising Starslogo stdRising Stars, N/ARexo, Webster
480%99ethyro, Walty
490%99Uprise Esportslogo stdUprise Esports, N/ALoganFNBR, skayterǃ
500%99teram, Mannii
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