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Power Rankings of Brazil and Oceania are not yet fully updated. Currently all our efforts are on the C2S8 competitive season. We will aim to have all regions updated before the end of the year.


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Smokq Tournament Results
DateTeam SizePlPR PointsRegionPlatformEventTeamRoster
2021-07-28Squad (3)100425EuropePC Bugha's Late Game Finals - EuropeTBDlogo std.png Jvqzz,  Fiez,  Smokq
2020-12-19Squad (3)27EuropePC Razer Invitational Europe - Week 2TBDlogo std.png Smokq,  Elryux,  Bojak
2020-12-13Squad (3)117625EuropePC Frosty Frenzy Session 4 - EuropeTBDlogo std.png Abuelojak,  Ryux,  Smokq
2020-10-25Squad (3)127550EuropePC Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 3 - Semi Finals - EuropeTBDlogo std.png Macball,  Kikname,  Smokq
2019-09-06Squad (3)78500EuropePC Champion's Trios Cash Cup: Week 3 - EuropeTBDlogo std.png Kylester,  Ken,  Smokq
2018-09-02Duo35200EuropePC POG Duo Tournament 2018-09-02TBDlogo std.png Smokq,  Ryux
2018-08-29Duo25300EuropePC BP Open Duos August 2018TBDlogo std.png Ryux,  Smokq