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YjY’s OG Skirmish Session 2
OG Skirmish 2023logo square
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$4,200
LinksFortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
Middle East
Event TypeOnline
YjY’s OG Skirmish Session 2 is a Skirmish in Middle East for the OG Skirmish: Chapter 4 Season 5.



  • November 18th, 2023
    • 3 hour limit & 10 match limit
    • Players will earn points based on the scoring system

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 10
Reach Top 2 7
Reach Top 3 7
Reach Top 4 7
Reach Top 5 7
Reach Top 6 5
Reach Top 7 5
Reach Top 8 5
Reach Top 9 5
Reach Top 10 5
Reach Top 11 3
Reach Top 12 3
Reach Top 13 3
Reach Top 14 3
Reach Top 15 3
Each Elimination 1
  • Match Cap At 10.

Prize Pool

  • $ 4,200 US Dollars are spread among the teams as seen below:
PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1 1$600€57614.29%142Solid M, Not MMeow
PlacementIcon2 2$400€3849.52%131Twisted Mindslogo stdTwisted Minds, N/AArrow, Bd
PlacementIcon3 3$400€3849.52%126Glory Esportslogo stdGlory Esports, Twisted Mindslogo stdTwisted Minds5aald, Hero
4$400€3849.52%121LND Esportslogo stdLND Esports, Warriors Esportlogo stdWarriorsSki, Snowy
5$400€3849.52%121OB, MarcoWhale1x
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6$400€3849.52%116Twisted Mindslogo stdTwisted Minds, Twisted Mindslogo stdTwisted MindsPhantom, Kai
7$400€3849.52%116Luminox Planetlogo stdLuminox Planet, EvozA eSportlogo stdEvozA eSportMisha, t3eny
8$400€3849.52%116N/A, Glory Esportslogo stdGlory Esports3jmy, Smiky
9$400€3849.52%115TheUltimates eSports Middle Eastlogo stdTheUltimates.ME, N/AAdapter, KaKaRoT
10$400€3849.52%113Kayd, Mattbszn
110%109N/A, ANc Outplayedlogo stdaNc OutplayedGudn, Robban
120%106M2BK, Rkt
130%106N/A, Vision Esportslogo stdVision EsportsPro, Mansour
140%105Twisted Mindslogo stdTwisted Minds, N/AFAIЅAL, Wqzzi
150%105Triple Esports Clublogo stdTriple Esports Club, N/AFHD, Kodex
160%105Blackie, lolooszn
170%105Team Oryxlogo stdOryx, Scytes Esportslogo stdScytes EsportsLardl, Rvvry
180%104Mesmeress, rizzmaker xx
190%103Triple Esports Clublogo stdTriple Esports Club, Triple Esports Clublogo stdTriple Esports ClubBalor, KiritoKun
200%103Future Esportslogo stdFuture Esports, DL Esportslogo stdDL EsportsClapsy, Controller
210%103Sohib, Gs ANAَS
220%102Falcons Esportlogo stdFalcons Esport, Falcons Esportlogo stdFalcons EsportFHD, NM7
230%101Jokeliv, amens
240%100N/A, Zelda Esportslogo stdZelda EsportsBenusha, Egnatik
250%100Falcons Esportlogo stdFalcons Esport, Vision Esportslogo stdVision EsportsSpy, Escdark
260%99Ro7Fn, BarQ
270%98N/A, RIZONlogo stdRIZONFeyt, Naqsfnr
280%98Glory Esportslogo stdGlory Esports, Bravado Gaminglogo stdBravado GamingVRG, FKS
290%97Rabid, Hardfind
300%96Team Purgenslogo stdPurgens, Team Purgenslogo stdPurgensAnkido, Propz
310%96SaudKun, Phonixel
320%96KSA Agara, 01 SLAY
330%96twitter kaxiz7, EGO Blx0
340%94N/A, Warriors Esportlogo stdWarriorsKalgamer710, 7man
350%94shizol2r2, Nova667Δ
360%93Denas, Tibbe
370%92TomzyV1, Fredoxie
380%92DelaVaux, bevvys
390%91Fatim, upl2k
400%91Team Oryxlogo stdOryx, N/ARampage, Injustice amngus
410%91Team Purgenslogo stdPurgens, N/ACheapz, kiduoo
420%90ZEL Naze NYC, ronthegamer7
430%90Warriors Esportlogo stdWarriors, N/AMshary, Rew
440%90Logo stdKira Esports, N/AMatrxzen, icylyy7
450%90Atake Esportslogo stdAtake Esports, N/ASanpi, Nebula
460%89TW TwstZ 7, Elite Crazy.
470%89twitch iimawe, SNARI.
480%89BTL Esportlogo stdBTL Esport, Grand Tenacylogo stdGrand TenacyDukey, Loxxx
490%89HINAALBADERジれ帝, Diverge Flam
500%89Benji fnbr, Brue2X
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